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Max A. Lauffer Papers

What’s online?

The correspondence between Max Lauffer and Jonas Salk is scanned and online.

What’s in the entire collection?

This collection documents the life and work of Max A. Lauffer, a distinguished University of Pittsburgh professor and influential scientist who was crucial to the creation of the polio vaccine, among his many important professional accomplishments. Much of the material concerns his scientific work and his career at Pitt (1944-1986) through personal and professional correspondence, including letters to and from Jonas Salk; copies of many of his talks and lectures concerning various scientific and non-technical topics; articles and books that he wrote and to which he contributed; outlines and notes for his courses and other work; and many of the honors and awards that he received over his lifetime. Lauffer's participation in many professional and scientific organizations is also evident in this collection. Read more...

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