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March of the Pittsburgh Blues Copybook

What's online?

The entirety of the copybook was scanned and is presented online.

What's in the entire collection?

This is a hand-copied volume of Charles Pentland's original journal, documenting the experiences of the Pittsburgh Blues in the War of 1812. The author of the copybook is unknown. The copybook covers the march of the Pittsburgh Blues from Pennsylvania to Indiana and back between September 10, 1812 and September 10, 1813. The entries mainly discuss the length and destinations of daily marches. The Battle of Mississinewa is highlighted in the entries of December 17 and 18, 1812, and the Siege at Fort Meigs is highlighted in the April 26, 1813 entry. These include brief accounts of the battles along with the number of casualties. The copybook also contains a membership roster of those enlisted in the Pittsburgh Blues. The volume is mostly legible but in fragile condition. Although it is a copybook, its appearance suggests that it is contemporary with the early nineteenth century.

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