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The entire collection is scanned and online.

What’s in the entire collection?

The Hotel Schenley register is a single record volume produced by the American Hotel Register Company of Chicago. The covers of the volume are bound in red leather and "Hotel Schenely" is stamped in embossed gold lettering on the front cover. The end sheets for the volume include maps entitled, "Leahy's Railway Distance Map of the United States." Along the edge of the end sheets are advertisements for various Pittsburgh-area businesses. The advertisements are on leather and also embossed in gold. The first section of the volume consists of the register of guests that logded at the hotel from April 4, 1908 to July 21, 1908 and consists of approximately 150 pages. Recorded on the top of each page is the day of the week and date. The main body of the page is arranged as a table with entries for the name of the hotel guest, their city or place of residence and the room they were assigned while at the Hotel Schenley. Following the register section of the volume is a printed hotel guide consisting of 42 pages entitled, "Leahy's Hotel Guide of America." The guide is organized by state and contains a copyright date of March, 1907. Read more...

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