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This presentation of the Charles R. Martin Photograph Collection represents one series in the collection that contains images taken on April 7, 1968. The images originate from 35mm black and white negatives and document the peace march that occurred in Pittsburgh on the National Day of Mourning three days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968.

Historical Context

Following the assassination of Dr. King, many took to the streets in protest throughout cities in the United States, including Pittsburgh. Rioters spilled into the Hill District streets on April 5, 1968 where fires were set and stores looted. In an article written by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the 40th anniversary, mention made of a curfew whereby everyone entering and leaving the Hill District was being "checked." According to Joe Trotter and Jared Day in their book, Race and Renaissance: African Americans in Pittsburgh since World War II, the riots began at a meat market on Centre Avenue and spread throughout the Hill, eventually reaching other Pittsburgh neighborhoods including Homewood-Brushton, Hazlewood, Lawrenceville, and the North Side. While white-owned businesses were the target, black-owned businesses were far from safe. Read more...

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