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Warrantee Atlas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 1914

The Historic Pittsburgh Maps Collection contains a digital version of the Warrantee Atlas of Allegheny County, 1914. The atlas depicts the original land grants that settlers of present-day Allegheny County received from the Commonwealth after William Penn and his descendants vested the land to the legislature. The Warrantee Atlas is ordered by township, cities, boroughs, and river beds and islands. It includes the name of the individual who received the grant, the date the land was warranted and surveyed, property dimensions, patent information, and sometimes the name the property was given by the title owner. The online atlas can be browsed by plate number or by the last name of the original owner.

For more information about the historical context of the Warrantee Atlas, please see the Historical Sketch to Land Titles in Western Pennsylvania by Joel Fishman, Ph.D.

We would like to thank the Allegheny County Recorder of Deeds (now the Department of Real Estate) office for recommending the digitization of the Warrantee Atlas for greater public access to the citizens of Allegheny County. The online version of the atlas will reduce the amount of handling required by users of the physical resource, thus preserving one of the most important sources of information about early land grants in Allegheny County.

Individual map plates can be freely downloaded as 200 dpi JPG images by following the Download Map link within each plate description. You can also purchase a copy of a map by placing a map reproduction order with us.

Viewing the Warrantee Atlas

Reproductions of the Warrantee Atlas plates are available for sale. Please see our information on how to purchase a reproduction.

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