Historic Pittsburgh
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Historic Pittsburgh Chronology

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This online chronology of Pittsburgh is taken from the fifth edition (1999) of Pittsburgh: The Story of an American City by Stefan Lorant, renowned photojournalism pioneer and author. The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group granted permission to reproduce the exhaustive chronology (1717-1999) in electronic form to accompany the Historic Pittsburgh website. The book can be purchased from the National Book Network (1-800-462-6420) for $19.95.

The online chronology can be browsed by decade and year, or searched by keyword and date. With over 3,400 entries, the chronology provides an overview of the rich history of Pittsburgh and will assist users in their research to contextualize the city's broader social, political, and economic climate. The chronology has continued to be updated beyond the scope of the print edition and contains events thru 2009. To learn more, see About the Chronology.

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