C. Paultine
ca. 1860-1867
Cargo's Photographic Rooms
C. Paultine worked for Lyon, Shorb & Company, also known as the Sligo Iron Works of Pittsburgh, as a mason tender. He is shown here posing with his tools and work clothes. A mason tender’s primary duties were to mix mortar for bricklayers and assist the masons with labor-intensive duties. The Sligo Iron Works was located on the south side of the Monongahela River opposite Pittsburgh’s Market Street. In 1826 the Sligo mill employed 30 men and produced bar, boiler, nail, and sheet iron valued at $99,000 per year. In 1879 the company employed 250 men and possessed 25 puddling furnaces, 10 heating furnaces, eight steam engines with 14 boilers in four separate batteries, and three steam hammers. The mill at this time was known for manufacturing flanged boiler heads and flue holes using specially designed machinery.
Paultine, C.;Steel industry and trade--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh.;Lyon, Shorb & Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
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Lyon, Shorb & Company Photographs, ca. 1860-1867
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C. Paultine