Winograd, Leonard
Interview Date
January 26, 1982
Rabbi Leonard Winograd was a prisoner of war in Germany for three months during WWII, after which he attended Hebrew Union College and became a member of the rabbinate;
[T1S1] his mother's emigration from Russia; her family's dairy farm in the Hill District of Pittsburgh; father's emigration from a part of Russia that was Poland between WWI and WWII; discussion of the Oriental Theater his father built in Rochester, PA; his siblings; early life; religious education; description of his family's congregation in Rochester; his children; his confirmation in Beaver Falls, PA; his father's respect for the rabbinate; his opinions of religion in public schools;
[T1S2] incidences with anti-Semitism; father's affiliation with Bund, a Polish labor federation; the beginnings of Pittsburgh's Voice for Soviet Jewry; discussion of life, Jewish community in Rochester; parents' attitudes toward intermarriage; his education at the University of Pittsburgh;
[T2S3] joins the Air Force in 1942; his capture by German soldiers in 1945 after being shot down over Yugoslavia; discussion of his imprisonment, conditions in the camp;
[T2S4] Blank
[T3S5] continuation of discussion of his imprisonment; other Jewish prisoners in his camp; discussion of Auschwitz; effects of imprisonment on his life; his liberation by the American 14th Armored Division; his return trip home;
[T3S6] his pride in his service during WWII; his physical condition and period of recuperation after the war; completes his degree in business administration at the University of Pittsburgh; begins to learn Hebrew at age twenty-seven; a mystical experience on the day of his father's death; his marriage; he inquires about admission to Hebrew Union College; his entrance exam; his education at Hebrew Union; his first congregation in Bay City, MI;
[T4S7] reiteration of feelings about religion in public schools; his graduation and confirmation; receiving advice from Rabbi Freehof and Burton Levinson; views about other students at Hebrew Union; his second congregation in Framingham, MA; accepts a position in Johnstown, PA, after three years; discussion of Jewish community in Johnstown; decline of Jewish temples there; struggles between religious and ethnic Jews; example of conflict in his congregations; teaching Hebrew in his home; description of McKeesport, PA; his doctoral dissertation about Johnstown;
[T4S8] continuation of discussion of his dissertation; discrimination in Johnstown; his arrival in McKeesport, PA, in 1969; discussion of McKeesport's decline; his opinions of mixed marriage, intermarriage with converts; relationships of Jews and christians in McKeesport; experience with anti-Semitism; repeats a psychic experience involving his father.
McKeesport (Pa.); Rochester (Pa. : Township); City and town life; Jews--Social life and customs; World War, 1939-1945
Rochester, PA
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Lane, Eileen
Reynolds, Jacqueline
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