Wechsler, Harry
Interview Date
February 4, 1982
Harry Wechsler, a doctor of dermatology, has served as director of the department of dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School and is a member of the Bibliophiles of Pittsburgh, due to his interest in and collection of books and manuscripts about the late Thomas Jefferson;
[T1S1] mother's birth in McKeesport, PA; her parents' immigration to the United States from Latvia; father's parents' residence in East Liverpool; his maternal grandfather's grape farm; other family background information; parents' marriage and settlement in McKeesport; mother's teaching in McKeesport school system; discussion of his father's brother; influence of his Uncle Abraham on his career choice; his relationship with other family members; his education in Hebrew school and Cranell High School; his high school activities; opinions about students at the time of interview;
[T1S2] views about the effects of the depression on young men of his age; more about social activities; his close friends during high school; comparison of growing up in McKeesport to growing up in a larger city; moves to Pittsburgh in 1954; education, Duke University and Columbia University; Internship, West Penn Hospital, Residence, City Hospital in New York; courtship and marriage in 1950; employment on the faculty of Columbia University, 1952-54; moves to Pittsburgh to take over his uncle's dermatology practice; early medical care; changes in medical care during his lifetime; his children, their education and careers; family vacations; his collection of books and manuscripts by and about Thomas Jefferson;
[T2S3] his involvement with the Bibliophiles organization in Pittsburgh; his publication about and study of the life of Thomas Jefferson; discussion of his views about Jefferson; his affiliation with Pittsburgh's JUNTA, founded as a discussion group in 1882; his education at Duke University; former member, Grollier Club, New York's oldest bibliophile group;
[T2S4] discussion of Grollier Club; his work for the United Jewish Association during the 1967 War in Israel; social life at Duke; his appointment as director of Department of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School in 1978; Member, Dermatology Association; his activities in the Jewish community of McKeesport, including president, B'nai Israel, 1963-64; views about changes in the small- town way of life; views about changes in the Jewish community; his accomplishments;
[T3S5] discussion of his philosophy about being Jewish; his membership in Jewish fraternities at Duke University; personal views about society's acceptance of Jewish people; changes in the fee structure of medicine; views about the need to bring medical costs under control; his ideas for bringing about lower medical costs; [T3S6] opinions about the greater Jewish community and policies in Israel.
Pittsburgh Bibliophiles (Society); Jefferson, Thomas; Jews--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh; McKeesport (Pa.); Physicians; Medicine
McKeesport, PA
University of Pittsburgh
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Weaver, Moss
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