Vixman, Rachel
Interview Date
October 20, 1977
Rachel Vixman, a certified parliamentarian and authority on parliamentary procedure, she founded the Pittsburgh Chapter of Hadassah, served as national vice president of the organization in the United States and as associate director of the Canadian Chapter of Hadassah; birth year, 1887;
[T1S1] parents' emigration from Vilna; number and names of siblings in her family; parents' dairy farm in Connellsville, PA; information about her family name; recollections of life in Connellsville; education, Bellefield Elementary School; her employment as assistant librarian at the Carnegie Library in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh; religious education in the home; marriage in 1914; her family's residence in Oakland; attending Zionist meetings at the Zionist Institution in the Hill District; family residence in the Hill District; selling subscriptions to the <i>Jewish Criterion</i>; becomes assistant to Charles Cooper, president of United Hebrew Relief Association (UHRA) of the Irene Kaufmann Settlement;
[T1S2] member, Daughters of Zion; her work as Charles Cooper's assistant for the UHRA; speaking for the Young Men's and Women's Hebrew Association (YMandWHA); her brother's role in founding the YMandWHA Chapter on Fifth Avenue; her courtship and marriage to Herman Vixman; husband's background information; discussion of meetings at the Zionist Institute; birth of children; her children's lives and families; her role in founding the Pittsburgh Chapter of Hadassah; some history of Hadassah in Pittsburgh; her writings for the <i>Jewish Indicator</i>; 1929, moves to New York; her service as National vice president of Hadassah;
[T2S3] attending the World Zionist Organization's meeting in Switzerland in 1929; her family's travels in Europe during this time; the riots in Jerusalem while they were visiting there; discussion of her role in the Zionist conference of 1921; problems with the conference; her service as a certified parliamentarian; her correspondence course in parliamentary law; her contribution to the publication of a new edition of <i>Robert's Rules of Order</i> in 1967; her service as parliamentarian for the National Federation of Women's Clubs;
[T2S4] further discussion of the Guide and Commentary she published for the new edition of <i>Robert's Rules of Order</i>; her residence in Canada for ten years; taking a tour of Israel with the executive director of Canada's Hadassah, Mrs. Adler, in 1958; becomes associate director of Canadian Hadassah; her activities with the women's movement in the Jewish Congress; her involvement with the American League of Peace and Democracy; her service as president of Women's Division of New York University Jewish Cultural Fund; her work with B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation; becomes national executive director of Young Judea, 1931-36; her writings for the <i>Anglo Jewish Press</i>;
[T3S5] recipient, Woman of the Year Award in 1957 by the Queens County Council Ladies Auxiliary of Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America; the Rachel Vixman Scholarship at New York University; her service as president of Beth Shalom Synagogue in Pittsburgh; her relationship with other organizations in Pittsburgh; her children's educations; her philosophy of service.
Connellsville (Pa.); Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America; Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Robert's rules of order; City and town life; Jews--Social life and customs; Zionism
Birth Date
Occupation (father)
Dairy Farmer
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Selavan, Ida
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