Verman, Sam
Interview Date
November 2, 1988
Sam Verman, a contractor with his own business partnership, built several shopping malls in surrounding areas of Pittsburgh and worked for Hebrew Free Loan and American Palestine Trading Company; birth year, 1905;
[T1S1] his birth in Bessarabia; description of his birthplace; attending Technical School until the age of twelve; his father's death; living with his maternal grandparents in Soroca; grandfather's employment on a farm in Soroca; his activities with Zionist Affairs; effects of the Russian revolution on the family; his immigration to Pittsburgh, PA, in 1925; employment with a contractor; recollections of early life in Pittsburgh; employment at Westinghouse Electric; becomes a partner in a contracting business for sixteen years; courtship and marriage; religious education; his first visit to Israel in 1961; building his own home in Pittsburgh; his partnership with A. J. Aberman; shopping malls his company built around the city; Golda Meir's visit to his home in 1940; his involvement with the Zionist movement; Treasurer of Poale Zion, board member, Hebrew Free Loan (HFL) for forty-three years; discussion of HFL;
[T1S2] his friendship with Sam Kalb of HFL; Kalb's business and involvement with the Jewish Home for the Aged; his work for Israel Bonds and Jewish National Fund; his children, their lives and careers; discussion of building the shopping malls; his early career as a contractor; anecdotes about relationship between his partner, Mr. Aberman and Mr. Baskin; more discussion of shopping centers built by A and V Development (Aberman and Verman); his service as vice president of the American Palestine Trading Company (AMPAL);
[T2S3] selling shares for AMPAL in Pittsburgh; memories of Golda Meir's visit to Pittsburgh; his feelings about working for Israel; recollections of depression years; more discussion of HFL; the 100th Anniversary of HFL; anecdote of David Ben Gurion's visit to Pittsburgh; his affiliation with Young People's Synagogue;
[T2S4] family history; locations of shopping malls built in areas surrounding Pittsburgh; relationship with other Jewish businessmen; a story of Rabbi Posner and Yeshiva; memories of the great flood; family recreation; travels and hobbies; his present residence;
[T3S5] discussion of important people in the history of Israel he has known; reiteration of his introduction into HFL; anecdotes about soliciting funds; his married life to Rose Kosnilzer.
Business; Industries; Ben-Gurion, David, 1886-1973; Hebrew Free Loan Society (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Israel; Meir, Golda, 1898-1978; Real estate agents; Real property; Zionism
Length (hours)
Perr, Betty
Lurie, Mari
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