Tisherman, Samuel E.
Interview Date
May, 1998
Respondent Physician, born 4/27/29.
[T1S1] Respondent provides detailed background on family: father from Roumania, mother's family from England. Respondent explains situation regarding father's name at Ellis Island; how it became Samuel Aaron, mother's name, Evelyn Goldston. Respondent depicts life on Hill District, membership at Knesseth Israel Synagogue; his Bar Mitzvah and party, provides name of father's business, Tisherman's Bakery at 5<sup>th</sup> and Logan Sts. Father founded business in early 1900s, Orthodox family, Respondent worked there at an early age, recounts father bringing bakers from Roumania, guaranteed them employment, notes father worked hard. Respondent continues lengthy discussion on Hill District while growing up including house on Chesterfield Road, attendance at Frick Elementary School and Schenley High School, editor of <i>Schenley Triangle</i>. Respondent influenced by biology teacher at Schenley High School to go into medicine. Respondent comments on graduation, Univeristy of Pittsburgh., interned in internal medicine with Dr. Jack Meyers; received $25.00 per month and food, opened office in Mt. Lebanon, 1961. Respondent spent 2 years in US Navy, graduated medical school, 1955. Respondent details interview at St. Clair Hospital: not accepted, notes difficult time for Jewish physicians.
[T1S2] Respondent retired 1993 due to illness. Respondent explains situation at Montefiore Hospital when taken over by UPMC, comments on politics at University of Pittsburgh. Medical School, continues discussion on St. Clair Hospital, conditions of acceptance there. Respondent lists memberships in various medical groups; begins discussion on pheochromocytoma, how he became interested, what led him to do research; started 1960; describes pheochromocytoma as disease of central portion of medula of the adrenal gland: secretes excess adrenalin; gives full explanation. Respondent lists names of children, discusses their education, their spouses and their careers, also names of grandchildren.
[T2S3] Respondent discusses hobbies: photography and videography, buy out of his practice by UPMC, notes changes in medical practice: high cost and business involvement, explains business monitors practice, lists his grants.
Hill District; Medicine--Research; Pheochromocytoma--Research; Physicians; Medicine; Synagogues; Knesseth Israel Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Tisherman's Bakery (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Birth Date
Presby Hospital
Occupation (father)
Length (hours)
Saul, Ruth
Dickman, Gene
Berger, Betty
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