Strassburger, Eugene Sr.
Interview Date
December 6, 1974
Eugene Strassburger, a lawyer and professor of law at Duquesne University, has served as president of Rodef Shalom Temple, Jewish Big Brothers and is a founder of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Jewish Committee;
[T1S1] birth in Allegheny City, PA in 1886; father's emigration from Germany; mother's birth in Pittsburgh in 1842; parents' marriage in 1876; number and names of siblings; his grandfather's service as president of Rodef Shalom Temple before 1871; some history of Rodef Shalom; the founding of Tree of Life Synagogue; father's retail clothing business; his education at Harvard Law School; home life with his parents; incorporation of Allegheny City into Pittsburgh in 1907; early education, Fifth Ward School and Pittsburgh Central High School; high school friends and social activities; early medical care; attending a boys camp in New York in 1900; social life at Harvard; courtship and marriage; residence in Pittsburgh after marriage; his early law practice; birth of children;
[T1S2] his children's educations; his membership at Westmoreland Country Club; other social activities; his service as president of Jewish Big Brothers Club; board member, Rodef Shalom Temple; founder, local chapter of American Jewish Committee; life trustee of the national board of United American Hebrew Congregation; his service as president of Rodef Shalom Temple; his role in forming Temple Sinai and other temples in the city; experiences with anti-Semitism;
[T2S3] campaigning for Mayor William A. McGee; family vacations; his membership in various other community organizations; his service as vice president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations; his professional affiliations including chairman, executive committee, Allegheny County Bar Association, board of governors of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and president of Harvard Law School Association of WPA; teaching in Duquesne University's school of law; political affiliations; recollections of prohibition; discipline in his home; his children's lives and careers; the three generations of Eugene Strassburgers to graduate from Harvard Law School; views about changes in the Jewish community;
[T2S4] discussion of the Falk Foundation and his service as a trustee for the foundation; names of board members of the Falk Foundation; discussion of the American Law Institute.
American Jewish Committee; Maurice and Laura Falk Foundation; Lawyers; Law; Synagogues; Rodef Shalom Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Tree of Life Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Birth Date
Allegheny City, PA
Lawyer; law Professor
Duquesne University
Occupation (father)
Retail clothing store owner
Length (hours)
Kabet, Marion
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