Stark, Sadie
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Sadie Stark, an immigrant from Romania, was involved in the early socialist movement in New York, NY; birth year, 1894;
[T1S1] birth in Romania; early education in Romania; experiences with anti-Semitism in that country; number of siblings in her family; religious atmosphere in her home; immigration to New York, NY, at age thirteen; employment in a tie factory; affiliation with the Socialist Party in New York; courtship and marriage to Sidney Stark; birth of children; the 1912 textile strike in New England; moves to Pittsburgh in 1916; her membership with Young Women's Hebrew Association and B'nai B'rith;
[T1S2] discussion of the end of the Socialist Party's popularity; views about the Truman administration; her activities with the women's suffrage movement; views about the National Council of Jewish Women and the Young Men's Hebrew Association; comparison of her life in New York with her life in Pittsburgh; opinions about the merger of several Jewish organizations in the Pittsburgh area; her support of Jewish orphans; her impression of Pittsburgh upon moving to the city; her residence in Braddock, PA, outside of Pittsburgh; a contrast of Romanian and Russian Jews;
[T2S3] Romanian traditions; the beginning of her interest in socialism; her siblings' professions; views about raising children; her husband's involvement with the union movement; views about Polish Jews;
[T2S4] discussion of the <i>Forward</i>, a Jewish newspaper; discussion of her involvement with the Joint Distribution Committee, ORT and the National Council of Jewish Women; her husband's involvement with the Gusky Orphanage; family social activities; views about her successes and failures; opinions about the Jewish community in Pittsburgh, Jewish hospitals; views about Israel; views about education; her daughter's work in the Baltimore school systems.
Romania; Socialism; Stark, Sidney
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Dickman, Gene
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