Speyer, Tillie
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Tillie Speyer, a local artist and sculptor who has sculptures placed in the Carnegie Museum of Art and Norton Gallery, Palm Beach, FL; birth year, 1889;
[T1S1] birth in Pittsburgh, PA; parents' marriage at Rodef Shalom Temple in 1876; father's emigration from Russia in 1866; early education; music and art studies; family residence on Bartlett Street; number of her children; her interest in charities for the blind; the inspiration of her teacher Jose De Creente; her studies in Florida; professions of her grandchildren; environment in her parents' home; importance of education in her family; hobbies and travels; her sculptures placed in the Carnegie and Palm Beach Museums; views about raising children; her family's affiliation with Rodef Shalom Temple; the influence of Rabbi Levy on her life;
[T1S2] her house on Bartlett Street; her social life; discussion of how she sculpts;
[T2S3] articles published about her family in the Pittsburgh <i>Leader</i> in 1900 and Rodef Shalom bulletin; her education at Winchester School; family background information; attending a junior college in Morristown, NJ; more discussion of the influence of Dr. Levy in her life; courtship and marriage; attending dances at the Concordia Club; her early interest in painting; husband's family background;
[T2S4] description of her parents; her children's educations; her sculpture at the Norton Gallery; her showing at the Carnegie Museum around 1966; discussion of her artistic style; her studies at the Norton Gallery; her interest in Greek art; her philosophy about her work as an artist; spending winters in Florida; plans for travel; changes in attitudes of the younger generation; changes in attitudes toward archeology.
Artists; Arts; De Creente, Jose; Levy, J. Leonard (Joseph Leonard), 1865-1917
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Zelenski, Rhoda
Meth, Jean
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