Slesinger, Reuben E.
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Dr. Reuben Slesinger, a professor emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh; birth year, 1916;
[T1S1] his birth in Windber, PA; family moves to Pittsburgh in 1929; his father's meat packing plant; family religious observance; father, a Rabbi-shochet; fights with other boys over anti-Semitic remarks; recollections of Winber; education, Taylor Allderdice High School; effects of the depression; experiences of discrimination at the Jewish Concordia Club in the 1930s and 40's and in personnel directors of large corporations; causes of splits in synagogues; founding of Tree of Life Synagogue; marriage to Natalie Freedman; his service in Economic Intelligence in the Army; his retirement from the Army after thirty-one years; discussion of his assignments in the Army;
[T1S2] discussion of Jews in the Army, WWII; the hospitality of the Jewish community in the South; his wife's involvement with charitable organizations; discussion of differences between synagogues and temples in Pittsburgh; his friendship with Chancellor Litchfield; the death of Litchfield family in a plane crash; remarks about the Army and its function; discussion of students, teaching; the demise of the steel industry in Pittsburgh; the future of the city;
[T2S3] discussion of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; concerns about the national economic scene; more opinions about Pittsburgh's future; attitudes toward retirement, the rising cost of education, and the changing standards of living in America;
[T2S4] comments on his profession; the role of the economist; his work as a forensic economist; review of his military career; influences in his life; assessment of Israel's economic condition; his hopes for the future.
Antisemitism; Economic Depression; Economics; Economists; Education; Litchfield, Edward H. (Edward Harold), 1914-1968; Synagogues; Tree of Life Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); University of Pittsburgh; Windber (Pa.); World War, 1939-1945
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Kimball, Harold
Faigen, Ann
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