Slesinger, George
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George Slesinger, a lawyer who worked with major real estate developers in Pittsburgh.
[T1S1] Provides biographical details. Father's religious and business vocations in Windber and Pittsburgh are reported. Respondent notes father's retirement, own marriage and conscription into the army. Respondent explains procedures he developed that were adopted by Army company during WWII. Character of parents and hometown are noted. Respondent explains the paucity of Jewish families in Windber and notes the Jewish practices in the town. Father's appearance in <i>The Horse Died in Windber</i> and support of B'nai B'rith. Split with Jewish community is mentioned. Family members' initial synagogue affiliations, their educations and early real estate holdings in Pittsburgh. Respondent briefly contrasts life in Windber and Pittsburgh.
[T1S2] Respondent's courtship and marriage to Violet Ziff is reported. Respondent enumerates travels for law fraternity, Federation of Insurance Counsel and the ABA. Changes of residence in Pittsburgh are related. The political views and business success of Respondent's cousin by marriage, William B. Ziff and William Ziff Jr., are mentioned. Respondent indicates the value of property on Northumberland Street. Lawyers with whom Respondent worked are enumerated; Respondent's work for Gussie Sacks is noted. Nature of Respondent's work for builders of large apartment houses, Nat Kann and Berman and Passell, is indicated. Current owners of buildings developed by former clients are reported. Name changes, size and ethnic composition of present firm, Marcus and Shapiro, are reported. Respondent indicates professional accomplishments and notes extent of civic activities. Respondent's establishment of a scholarship fund at University of Pittsburgh is outlined.
[T2S3] Respondent expresses satisfaction with life and explains conveniences of current residence. Prolonged illness of wife is noted; Respondent's decision to continue to work is explained. Respondent comments upon increased costs of litigation and contrast the sizes of law firms. Respondent's views on advertising by lawyers and on contingency payment in negligence cases are expounded. [Interviewers describe the office facilities of Marcus and Shapiro with which Respondent is associated].
Lawyers; Law; Windber (Pa.)
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Kimball, Harold
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