Slawkin, Harry
Interview Date
[T1S1] Specifies the size of Respondent's towns' Jewish populations and home's lack of amenities in Belarus. Father's job and family's change of residences in Belarus are reported. Grandfather's work as melamed, Respondent's Russian schooling and aunt's boarding house are noted. Interiors of Romadon's and Forol's synagogues are mentioned. Respondent relates the legal impetus for father's emigration and circumstances of own emigration. Respondent's and father's wages in stogie factory are noted. Respondent describes deception using another's Russian passport and indicates route to U.S. Respondent reports money received on arrival, items brought to U.S. and origins of Russian family name. Respondent reports first meal in Baltimore and purgative given by relatives in Pittsburgh. Respondent's first Pittsburgh residence is indicated. Respondent discusses obtaining work while underage and reports hours of work in stogie factory.
[T1S2] The duration, leaders and extent of 1913 stogiemaker's strike are indicated. Stogies are contrasted with cigars; sources of tobacco are discussed. The strike's goals and gains are detailed; Stogiemaker Union's affiliation with Industrial Workers of the World is explained. Respondent's legal studies in Tennessee, night school studies in Pittsburgh and religious studies in Europe are noted. Cultural pursuits, especially Yiddish theater, are enumerated. Respondent relates ceasing to daven and indicates locations of father's synagogue. Locations of medical care in Pittsburgh are indicated. Respondent enumerates Zionist and Socialist organizational affiliations. Restaurants where Respondent socialized and classes taught by the Columbian Council (NCJW) are specified. Respondent relates antagonism with uncle in Russia concerning Communism and expresses own Socialist activities. Marriage information is provided.
[T2S3] Children's secular and Jewish educations are noted. Respondent indicates differences in religiousness in own and father's home. Respondent's relocation from Indiana to Pittsburgh is noted. Respondent recounts being reported as killed in World War I.
Immigrants--Travel--Personal narratives; Cigar Makers' International Union of America; Tobacco industry; World War, 1914-1918--Personal narratives
Birth Date
Romadon (Poltova) Forol, Piratin
Emigration Date
Stogie factory worker
Homestead, PA
Hill District, Tannehill St.
Occupation (father)
Flour mill Salesman
Length (hours)
Collateral Materials
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