Shore, Gussie
Interview Date
May 8, 1986
Gussie Shore came to Pittsburgh in 1917 with her husband, Max Shore;
[T1S1] her birth on lower East Side of New York in 1900; early life in New York; father's treatment for tuberculosis; family moves to Des Moines, Iowa; her marriage to Max Shore at age seventeen; they settle in the Strip District of Pittsburgh; their employment in brother-in- law's store on 43rd Street; formation of a congregation in the Strip District; anti-Semitism in the Strip District; discussion of the end of WWI; giving food from their store to Father Cox for veterans who had no home; story of Cox's army that marched on Washington for aid; her employment at age twelve making combs;
[T1S2] courtship; husband's background; description of Strip District on Penn Avenue; the birth of their five children; the Jewish Synagogue, Ahuv Shalom, on Liberty Avenue; the effects of the depression; they buy a home in Penn Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh;
[T2S3] discussion of the Triangle Shirt Factory fire in New York around 1912; the story of her son Sidney's imprisonment in Germany after being shot down over Italy during WWII; other information about her sons; her attitude toward divorce; opportunities for women;
[T2S4] description of lower East Side, New York; her employment in a ribbon factory there; discussion of her mother's employment selling newspapers in New York; recollections of food prices around 1912; begins interest in painting in 1959; studies with Sam Rosenberg and Leonard Leib; has a one woman exhibit at the Pittsburgh Playhouse; affiliation with B'nai Israel; recollection of a speaker from Europe who described conditions for Jews there in the 1940s; receives an award for painting in 1985; has a painting hanging in the Jewish Home for the Aged; other hobbies; musical ability;
[T3S5] discussion of her children's careers; her grandchildren; her travels to son Sidney's home in France, Israel, and Denver; trips to New York to visit museums; opinions about divorce; the depression; one sons involvement in the Korean War; more discussion of Father Cox's army and the march on Washington; description of Hill District; piano lessons at the Irene Kaufmann Center when Sidney Teller was director; she plays a piece called "Robin's Return"; remarks on her present life.
[T3S6] No abstract for this side.
Artists; Arts; Cox, James R., 1886-1951.; Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Irene Kaufmann Settlement (Pittsburgh, Pa.); New York (N.Y.); Strip District (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Birth Date
Lower East Side, NY
Store worker
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Kimball, Harold
Faigen, Ann
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