Selznick, Milton H.
Interview Date
June 23, 1997
Respondent owner, Selznick School of Riding, born 1906.
[T1S1] Respondent provides names of parents: Sol and Ann Pazol Selznick; father born in Kovna, Russia; Respondent came to America with family early 1900s; settled in Cleveland, Ohio where uncle resided; notes uncle father of David O. Selznick, Hollywood producer. Respondent provides background information: gives number of children in grandparents family; explains family move to Pittsburgh and association with Knickerbocker Jewelers at 5<sup>th</sup> and Wood Sts.; notes father raced horses at Schenley Oval; provides additional information on parents families. Respondent gives names of 3 sisters and 2 brothers, born on Herron Hill, describes large home with carriage house; recalls horse stable on Oakland Ave. near Forbes Ave. and path taken from Forbes Field and Phipps Conservatory to reach Schenley Park horse trail; describes horses being tied up in front of Kaufmann's Department store. Respondent recalls father's touring car and trips taken to Logan St. on Hill District: shopped for kosher food; notes family membership at Tree of Life Synagogue on Craft Ave.; later joined Rodef Shalom Temple; comments on 75<sup>th</sup> reunion of his Confirmation Class: 1921; explains religious practices in home; attendance at Osceola School.
[T1S2] Respondent continues description of parents: father fluent in English, mother more observant Jew than father; notes father ostentatious: drove large open automobiles; explains parents never discussed past, only future; describes visits to mother's family in Ohio: poor conditions of roads. Respondent explains family lived on Stanton Ave.; moved to Braddock (1914): recalls father's financial reversal; describes family home on Braddock Ave.; father's purchase of 1<sup>st</sup> pony for Respondent and purchase of first saddle at age 13; father raced horses in Homewood then Schenley Park where Respondent later had stable; recalls Schenley Oval built for horse racing. Respondent gives description of Washington Blvd. gravel road where people could promenade horses; Mayor's concern for horse's tender feet: covered gravel with dirt, describes pure American breed horses (Hamiltonian) pulled sulky; father in many races; few Jewish men entered; explains site of University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning former horse riding school, horses raced on Bellefield Ave. Respondent recalls attendance at Park Place School, only Jew; describes move to large house in Squirrel Hill after father recouped finances; reminisces on meeting 1<sup>st</sup> Jewish friends not associated with Rodef Shalom Temple; describes feelings "like being born again, whole different world opened up." Respondent provides lengthy geographic description of Squirrel Hill: 1919; comments on fire station and horse drawn engines; recalls work at pharmacy at age 15; privileged to know "wonderful group of Jewish boys, originally from Hill District"; many now deceased.
[T2S3] Respondent describes traumatic loss of best friend at age 19: pneumonia; discusses graduation from Peabody High School after 5 years: explains circumstances; notes father's offer for college: only if Respondent would become doctor, offer refused. Respondent mentions World War I: did not enter; drafted into Army during World War II. (20 minutes of tape blank).
[T2S4] Respondent repeats information from previous tapes; gives name of wife: Sheila Silverman, 37 years younger than Respondent, discusses their meeting and marriage: 1963; describes ceremony at Rodef Shalom Temple; her attendance at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA: veterinarian; gives names of son and daughter, their birth dates, education and careers. Respondent explains move from first residence: farm in Allison Park to property owned by Stanley Gumberg in Greensburg, PA: states reasons for move: Gumberg's desire to have partnership with Respondent in riding school; describes grounds and 22 room mansion and carriage house on property; comments on purchasing horses: prices paid and prices received for sale of horses; all pure bred: sent to Kentucky for breeding: finest stallions in the world. Respondent provides additional information on Gumberg family: describes home in Squirrel Hill, gives names of their 3 sons; discusses attendance at Temple Emanuel in Greensburg, PA; notes his children had ponies: not really interested.
[T3S5] Respondent comments on son's Bar Mitzvah: proud moment; notes little socialization with Jewish Community in Greensburg, PA; mentions Stanley Gumberg's illness: 1976, wanted to sell property; Respondent bought a part of the property; Sisters of Charity bought remainder: explains their work. Respondent recalls entering Army, World War II: 1943; worked in cavalry center: Junction City, Kansas; describes work with horses; served 2 years. Respondent comments on wife's interest in fox hunting; reflects on discharge from Army and return to sister's home where mother lived; notes mother's death: age 79; father's death: age 62; remained with mother until marriage.
[T3S6] Respondent comments on his love for horses; states prices he charged for lessons; reflects on enjoyable life and prestige he received from it; discusses places of employment in younger days and business father opened for him at age 16; difficult time. Respondent comments on satisfaction derived from work: enjoys working with his hands, does own stable work and equipment repairs.
[T4S7] Respondent reflects on life: notes logic and common sense important; wished he had made more money; describes raising children: wife in Veterinary school, not at home; lonesome time for Respondent.
Gumberg, Stanley; Horses; Pittsburgh (Pa.)--History; Selznick School of Riding
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Selznick School of Riding0
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Stolzer, Shirley
Berger, Betty
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