Saul, Sidney
Interview Date
September, 1981
Sidney Saul, a pediatric physician, practiced medicine for fifty-three years and established the Sidney Saul Fund at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh;
[T1S1] parents' birth in Poland; marriage in Pittsburgh, PA; working in his father's shoe store; education, University of Pittsburgh Medical School; his participation with the University track and swim team; the religious atmosphere in his parents' home; his employment as a coal mine doctor in Roscoe, PA; after graduation; discussion of his entrance into the field of pediatric medicine at Children's Hospital; meeting his wife during his internship at Montefiore Hospital; his work at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement, Emma Kaufmann Camp, and Allegheny County Well-Baby Clinics; location of his practices in Pittsburgh; his interest in art and service as president, American Physicians Art Association; the Dr. Sidney Saul Fund at Children's Hospital; his retirement after fifty- three years in medicine; family vacations;
[T1S2] Blank
[T2S3] his siblings educations; his religious education at the Hebrew Institute; recollections of youth in Pittsburgh; experiences with anti-Semitism;
[T2S4] further recollections of recreation as a youth; discussion of his experiences in medical school; his experiences in the coal mining camp in Roscoe, PA; discussion of how he got into pediatrics; movement of the Jewish community to the Squirrel Hill section of the city; recollection of the Flood of 1936;
[T3S5] his work as the doctor for marathon dancers during the depression; changes in the medical field; his work on the Draft board during WWII; his views about birth control and abortion; views about drug abuse in young people; the need for day care for working mothers; views about organized religion; some discussion of his children; his interests at the time of interview; views about doctors, in general.
[T3S6] No abstract for this side.
Hospitals; Sidney Saul Fund at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh; Physicians; Medicine; Roscoe (Pa.)
Pittsburgh, PA
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Occupation (father)
Shoe store owner
Length (hours)
Guttman, Muriel
Zelenski, Rhoda
Zetler, Adrienne
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