Saul, Joseph
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Joseph Saul, a Russian immigrant, served as an officer with the Labor Zionist Organization and as a volunteer tax consultant for H and R Block; birth year, 1902;
[T1S1] his birth in Suwalki, Russia; recollections of early life in this Jewish town; his immigration to the United States; settles in Pittsburgh, PA in 1920; employment in a men's clothing store; description of Hill District of Pittsburgh; his involvement with Zionist movement;
[T1S2] his interest in theater; studying history and theater at the University of Pittsburgh; courtship and marriage to Florence Pearlman; travels with his wife; 1964, spends a year with his wife in Israel; their residence in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh;
[T2S3] names of his siblings; his sister, Zena Saul's work with the National Council of Jewish Women; his offices with the Labor Zionist Organization; his involvement with the Yiddish Theater on Center Avenue; his wife's fundraising for the Women's Division of Technion; further discussion of travels; his subscription to <i>Yiddish Homeland</i>, published in Russia;
[T2S4] discussion of the Yiddish Cultural Center Building; description of Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh during 1920s; wife's background; visits to Pittsburgh by Golda Meir and David Ben Gurion; his volunteer work for H and R Block; views about his life; views about Israel; keeping contact with people from his hometown in Russia.
Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Oakland (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Russia; Theater; Zionism
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Gelman, Marlene
Gorby, Sarah
Zetler, Adrienne
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