Rubenstein, Louis
Interview Date
January 4, 1970
[T1S1] Shehem Alley Seventh Ave. Reports size of Pliskov and father's deception to obtain government job. Biographical details are provided; Respondent's cheder is noted. Synagogue's building materials are indicated. [Unintelligible] Father's community service is enumerated. Primacy of father's emigration from Pliskov to U.S. is reported; Respondent's motivation to emigrate is reported. Respondent's route on cattle boat through Canada to U.S. is indicated. Costs of Respondent's ship ticket are specified. [Blanks] Respondent discusses name changes in Russia. Respondent indicates route into Pittsburgh and discusses the landsleit that welcomed Respondent. Respondent notes relations among Pliskov Jews. Respondent recounts discrimination by plumber's union and circumstances of Respondent's admittance. Respondent's position of leadership in union and role as delegate to national convention are reported. Anti-Semitism of plumber's union is illustrated. Respondent's residences are enumerated; rent and accommodations are noted. Ownership of Pittsburgh Yiddish newspapers is discussed.
[T1S2] Wages, work and hours at box factory are detailed. Respondent's plumbing apprenticeship in Pittsburgh is discussed. [Blanks] Respondent notes acquisition of English. Respondent indicates dances and synagogue at Marion Hall. [Unintelligible] Respondent explains relocation to Sharon. Visits of Yiddish theater companies to Pittsburgh are discussed. Respondent indicates synagogues' location in Sharon. First minyan attended in Pittsburgh is indicated. Father's financing of Shaare Tefilah on Miller St. is discussed, as are Sharon's Jewish community and synagogues. Cost of doctor's house call in Pittsburgh is specified. Financing and aging membership of father's organization are discussed. Respondent's and father's role in Pliskover Society are reported. YMHA's origins are recounted. Facilities of Columbia Council's (NCJW) Centre Hall are indicated. Respondent discusses his leadership of Sharon's Republican Club. Marriage information is provided. Respondent comments on intermarriage. Respondent explains Sharon synagogues' arrangements for Sunday school. Father's donation of Torah to synagogue is recounted. Respondent notes difference in own and children's childhood. Many blanks due to "off the record" and much "cussing."
Jews--Education; Labor unions; Pliskover Society (Pittsburgh Pa.); Party affiliation; Sharon (Pa.); Synagogues; Shaare Tefilah Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Young Men's Hebrew Association (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Birth Date
Monessen, PA; Keystone Box Co., Seventh Ave.
Hill District, Colwell St.; Fifth Ave., Shehem
Occupation (father)
Contractor, Railroad dispatcher
Length (hours)
Selavan, Ida
Collateral Materials
Box 99 FF 5
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