Roth, Audrey
Interview Date
March 6, 1996
Respondent. Actress, born 1923.
[T1S1] Respondent best known for work in "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"; details family background; father physician in Duquesne, grandfather in first class at University of Pittsburgh medical school; mentions maternal grandparents; paternal grandfather Duquesne <i>Times</i>, editor, mill physician. Respondent reflects on childhood. Respondent recalls attending Carnegie Institute of Technology's (CIT now CMU) drama school, moving to New York City; acting in play "Best Foot Forward"; marriage to Gilbert Straton, Jr; their move to California. Respondent mentions move back to Pittsburgh; son Gilbert born. Respondent talks about modeling for local department stores, acting in Merridian Films and TV commercials. Respondent talks about divorce; marriage to Bertrand Roth; conversion to Judaism. Respondent mentions children. Respondent recalls working for "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". Respondent describes Presbyterian religious background; education at CIT. Respondent talks about living at Barbizon Hotel for Women. Respondent describes experience working for "Best Foot Forward". Respondent elaborates on family relationships. Respondent recalls modeling and fashion shows; mentions husband's job. Respondent talks about working for Pittsburgh Playhouse; describes first meeting with Fred Rogers. Respondent elaborates on experience with Playhouse. Respondent recalls whirlwind romance with first husband, their divorce; mentions his career. Respondent describes courtship with second husband; talks about his job; explains her conversion to Judaism and raising children in Jewish tradition; mentions marriage at Rodef Shalom.
[T1S2] Respondent recalls doing shows for NCJW and UJF. Respondent describes family life with second husband and children's religious beliefs. Respondent reminisces about "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". Respondent describes social life. Respondent recounts her children's and grandchildren's lives. Respondent mentions hobbies. Respondent talks about taping "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". Respondent recalls Israel Bond fundraisers.
[T2S3] Respondent elaborates on fundraiser. Respondent recalls working for Evening Magazine and CaterCousins. Respondent details teaching fashion and charm classes. Respondent lists movies and TV commercials she was in; also free lance make-up artist. Respondent mentions involvement in Ethel Kennedy's charitable event, "Pet Show." Respondent reminisces about life in California; discusses decision to move to Pittsburgh.
[T2S4] Respondent recalls involvement in beginnings of Three River Arts Festival, Pittsburgh Public Theater. Respondent discusses contributions of Pittsburgh's theaters. Respondent mentions family's involvement with Rodef Shalom Temple. Respondent describes conversion to Judaism; mentions teachers Dr. Freehof and Rabbi Fierman. Respondent talks about husband's bar mitzvah at Beth Shalom and children's religious education. Respondent compares Pittsburgh of youth to today. Respondent talks about CIT acting school; differences in acting profession then and now. Respondent describes husband's career; balancing work and family life. Respondent talks about Pittsburgh Playhouse, Richard Rauh, Point Park College's theater. Respondent mentions involvement with charity show Carnegie Salutes Carnegie.
[T3S5] Respondent explains why actors boycotted show. Respondent describes benefits of movie business in Pittsburgh.
Acting; Charity events; Rogers, Fred; Mister Rogers' neighborhood (Television program); Rauh, Richard E.; Theater
Birth Date
Duqusene, PA
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Point Breeze
Occupation (father)
Length (hours)
Dinman, Gabrielle
Karelitz, Bess
Collateral Materials
Box 105 FF 37
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