Rosensweet, Alvin
Interview Date
October 6, 1986
Alvin Rosensweet, an award winning reporter for the Pittsburgh<i> Post Gazette</i>; birth year, 1910;
[T1S1] his parents and siblings; early years in Dayton, Ohio; the flood of 1913 in Dayton; education at Parker Junior High School; becomes a volunteer sports writer for Dayton<i> Daily News</i>; early career influences; home life and religious observance; a sports writer for the Columbus<i> Dispatch</i> during college; degree in journalism; moves to California after college; works as an extra in movies; finds employment in a department store in advertising from 1933-35; employment in the Home Store until 1937; covers University of Dayton sports for the Dayton<i> Herald</i> from 1937-40;
[T1S2] becomes news reporter for Dayton<i> Herald</i> in 1940; is appointed sunday editor of Dayton<i> Sunday Herald</i> in 1941; marries Beatrice Perlman; discussion of salaries, working conditions at that time; founding of the American Newspaper Guild by Heywood Broun; early married life; drafted in 1943; his discharge in 1945 and return to work at the Dayton<i> Journal Herald</i>; special assignments given to him by Deke Young, the editor of the paper; conditions in the country in 1945; its impact on the Jewish community in Dayton; the merger of Dayton <i>Daily News </i>with<i> </i>Dayton<i> Herald</i>; moves to Pittsburgh to write for the <i>Post Gazette</i> in 1949; staying with Meyer Berger until he found a residence;
[T2S3] discussion of his coverage of the labor movement in Dayton during the 1940s; his interviews with celebrities like Bob Hope, Gypsy Rose Lee, and Ben Bernie; his coverage of stories in Pittsburgh, McKeesport and other surrounding cities; the <i>Post Gazette</i> fails; recounting stories of interest he covered with the <i>Post Gazette</i>; his coverage of civil rights protests during the 1960s and 70's; recollections from this period; his coverage of Pittsburghers reactions to President Kennedy's assassination in 1963; 1952, covers meeting between Eisenhower and Nixon; discussion of other stories he covered; his grandchildren; two trips sponsored by the Israeli government;
[T2S4] 1968, reported about his trips to Israel; attitudes toward religion; the end of career at the <i>Post Gazette</i>; his employment as a television reporter, 1971; becomes assignment editor at KDKA, 1973; criticism of television news; changes in the news business; discrimination over Jewish holidays; discussion of anti-Semitism; recipient of three Golden Quill Awards; interviewing Arthur Rubenstein, William Steinberg, David Rubinoff, Bugsy Moran, and Rabbi Freehof; anecdote of Rabbi Freehof's love of baseball;
[T3S5] continuation of discussion of interviews; retirement in 1986; his work on a two hundred year history; discussion of a story about Wen Chen Chen, a Carnegie Mellon professor who was murdered; 1960, he covers the World Series between the Yankees and the Pirates; recollections of childhood in Dayton; his Bar Mitzvah and confirmation; affiliation with Rodef Shalom Temple since his retirement; death of close friends; his children; comparison of Pittsburgh and Dayton; life in Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh;
[T3S6] his views on international matters and politics; his greatest contributions and accomplishments; comments about the New York <i>Times</i>; anti-Israel policy of the <i>Post Gazette</i>; functions of a reporter; fears for the future of the Jewish community.
Dayton (Ohio); Hope, Bob, 1903-2003; Jewish newspapers; Dayton Jewish herald; Journalists; Journalism; Lee, Gypsy Rose, 1914-1970; Moran, George Clarence, 1893-1957; Newspapers; <i>Pittsburgh post-gazette</i> (Pittsburgh, Pa. : 1978); Pittsburgh (Pa.); Rubinstein, Artur, 1887-1982; Young, Deke
Birth Date
Dayon, OH
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; KDKA
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Kimball, Harold
Joseph, Florence
Joseph, Florence
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