Rosenberg, Libbie
Interview Date
November 13, 1983
Libbie Rosenberg, wife of renowned Pittsburgh artist, Sam Rosenberg; birth year, 1898;
[T1S1] birth and family background in Toledo, OH; family's move to Pittsburgh in 1902; parents' birth in Poland; religious atmosphere in the home; affiliation with Tree of Life Synagogue; education at Forbes School, Fifth Avenue High School; courtship and marriage to husband Sam Rosenberg, a Pittsburgh artist; her employment as the only female at Gulf Refining before WWI; husband's art school at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement (IKS); their son and grandchildren; son's attitude toward religion;
[T1S2] her husband's birth and family history; his education and early exhibition of artistic talent; his training at the National Academy on Art in New York; his awards from Associated Artists; his teaching at Carnegie Mellon University; opinions of her husband's fame as a painter; 1945, an <i>Esquire </i>Magazine article on her husband's painting; places of residence in Pittsburgh; changes in her husband's style; his education; his invitation to show paintings at the Carnegie International in 1933;
[T2S3] Sam Rosenberg's friendship with Andy Warhol; his purchase of a collection of African art from Kindred McCleary; travels; views about being the wife of a well-known artist; his gallery in New York; her role in his career; early married life; social life;
[T2S4] teachers and influences in her husband's life; a scholarship set up at Sam Rosenberg's death; more discussion of magazine article in <i>Esquire</i>; dates and locations of various showings; his physical condition and disposition;
[T3S5] further discussion of his disposition; their social life; comments about her period of mourning after her husband's death; further discussion of art showings and teachers in her husband's career; views about their marriage.
Artists; Arts; Rosenberg, Samuel, 1896-1972; Warhol, Andy, 1928-1987
Birth Date
Toldedo, OH
Gulf Refining
Uptown; Squirrel Hill
Occupation (father)
Length (hours)
Mermelstein, Elinore
Kimball, Harold
Samuels, Sayra
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