Rogal, Alvin
Interview Date
Respondent. Partner in Hilb Rogal and Hamilton Insurance Company of Pittsburgh (HRH), born 1923.
[T1S1] Respondent active community leader; talks about maternal, paternal grandparents; father's siblings, their children; father's job; Respondent's sister; mother's siblings, their lives. Respondent recalls schooling; serving in South Pacific during WWII as engineering officer in 1944-46. Respondent mentions wife; their marriage, son's Andrew, James; their careers, families. Respondent talks about his degree in mechanical engineering; how father's heart attack influenced his career choice. Respondent details how Rogal Company (now HRH), an insurance agency, company's history; what types of insurance HRH sells; putting HRH on stock market; Respondent retired; Andrew took Respondent's place on board; other son journalist. Respondent talks about father's brother Max's involvement in Jewish Community Center (JCC) and politics. Respondent mentions how JCC formed; how father was influential in Respondent's life. Respondent states he never experienced overt forms of anti-Semitism; most good friends non-Jews; at Cornell University joined Jewish fraternity. Respondent mentions both sons married non-Jews. Respondent talks about his, children's religious training.
[T1S2] Blank
[T2S3] Respondent elaborates on grandchildren's religious education. Respondent talks about his adolescence; grew up in Squirrel Hill. Respondent mentions his family vacations; how vacations strengthen relationship with sons. Respondent discusses his involvement with Jewish community; Lester Hamburg introduced Respondent to young adult division of United Jewish Federation; became chairman; joining board of Montefiore Hospital; involvement with Jewish Health Care Foundation. Respondent lists other involvements in community. Respondent mentions how he felt being token Jew on community boards; tells story how he became involved with St. Francis Hospital; how he was invited, accepted into Duquesne Club in 1969; community reaction to his involvement in Duquesne Club; getting other Jews into club. Respondent elaborates on history of HRH. Respondent mentions he is member of Million Dollar Roundtable. Respondent lists some of the awards he has received. Respondent discusses involvement with Brandeis University, director of Pittsburgh<i> Press</i> Old Newsboy Fund for Children's Hospital; how program started; its success today. Respondent talks about why Montefiore Hospital was sold; why foundation started. Respondent speaks about involvements in community today; future plans.
Business; Industries; Duquesne Club; Hamburg, Lester; Hilb, Rogal and Hamilton Insurance Co.; Hospitals; Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh; Montefiore Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Jewish Community Center (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh Press Old Newsboy's Fund; United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
Hild, Rogal and Hamilton Insurance Agency
Squirrel Hill
Occupation (father)
Length (hours)
Herzog, Bernice
Herzog, Marvin
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Box 105 FF 23
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