Robinson, Alex
Interview Date
Provides biographical details.
[T1S1] Respondent's work on river with logging company is outlined. Respondent notes languages spoken in town. Respondent mentions the procedure for purchasing logs. Respondent indicates size of town's synagogues and indicates relations between Jews and area authorities. Respondent details the procedure to purchase and log government timber. Respondent indicates motivation and means to immigrate to U.S. Respondent's relatives and residences in U.S. are enumerated. Respondent's route to U.S. is indicated; Respondent's acquisition of English is discussed. Respondent enumerates changes of business and recreation in Pittsburgh.
[T1S2] Respondent notes cousins' religious education and interest in baseball. Respondent expresses initial reaction to Central Pennsylvania and relates cousins' trick to have Respondent eat pork. Respondent enumerates social activities with gentiles in Clearfield. Respondent's job in shoe store is mentioned; circumstances of meeting Teddy Roosevelt are related. Respondent reports living arrangements with gentile family. Respondent discusses work, wages and hours in department store. Respondent comments upon other immigrants' failure to learn English and upon own memory. Respondent enumerates cultural pursuits in Clearfield. Respondent expresses attitude toward religion and change of American Judaism with influx of European immigrants.
[T2S3] Early dental care is described. Respondent indicates lack of synagogue but charitable contributions. Respondent recounts Lithuanian village activities on Friday night. Respondent's social activities are enumerated. Respondent expresses attitude toward Jews' assimilation and economic opportunity in Europe and U.S. Respondent comments upon Israeli-Arab relations in the 1960s. Respondent's instruction of Yiddish to cousins is noted as is contact with European relatives. Citizenship information is provided. Respondent explains political affiliation and provides marriage information. European children's attitudes toward parents are recounted; Sabbath celebration in Europe is noted.
Americanization; Judaism--Relations--Christianity; Lumber trade--Europe; Sabbath Observance; City and town life; Jews--Social life and customs
Birth Date
Klno? (near Vilkije)
Lumber worker (Eu); Store clerk, Wholesale grocery, Hat and tobacco businesses
Kerwinsville, Pa.; W. White Shoe Co., Des Moines, Ia.; Altoona, Pa.; Pittsburgh, Fifth Ave.
Clearfield, Pa.; Des Moines, Ia.; Altoona, Pa.; Pittsburgh
Length (hours)
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