Rider, Sam
Interview Date
March 19, 1996
Respondent. Businessman, born 1908.
[T1S1] Respondent owner of several different home improvement companies and manufacturing plants; talks about early childhood in Hill District, family's move to McKees Rocks, his sisters; schooling; working for father's fruit store; religious holidays. Respondent mentions parents background, father from Poland, mother from Romania; parents courtship; father's job as huckster; various fruit markets parent's owned. Respondent describes religious community in McKees Rocks; Jewish business in town. Respondent mentions orthodox household; father worked on Saturdays. Respondent talks about father's family; father served in Russian Army; his immigration to the U.S. Respondent mentions marriage; daughter's Marlene, Ruth; decision to leave father's business. Respondent details new job as butter/egg salesman; expanding egg wholesaling business; losing business. Respondent discusses his career selling siding for Guttmans; moving to Altoona; decision to start own business selling and installing InsulBrick in Johnstown; moving to Pittsburgh.
[T1S2] Respondent talks about Jewish community in Johnstown, family life, daughter, Marlene's marriage to Robert Litman, their marriage; Robert's career as engineer. Respondent discusses first wife's Matilda's death in 1960; starting new business selling kitchen appliances and furnaces in Morgantown, West Virginia (WV); commuting from WV to Pittsburgh. Respondent talks about courtship, marriage to second wife Sylvia Baskind in 1963; their divorce. Respondent details why he sold business at age 67; started new business called Kitchen Savers Company, which manufactured, sold, merchandised, installed cabinet doors; selling retail portion of company to William Aronrich; running manufacturing plants; Robert Litman joined company.
[T2S3] (Sound quality poor) Respondent continues talking about business: changes Litman made. Respondent mentions retirement; continuing his education; courtship with Lucille Hudgens.
[T2S4] Blank
[T3S5] Respondent mentions his bar mitzvah; religious education; religious life today; activities in synagogue during youth. Respondent talks about courtship with first wife Matilda, their wedding, honeymoon, early married life, family's religious observances. Respondent mentions accomplishments; grandchildren; great grandchildren; family's closeness.
Business; Industries; Building; Insulbrick; Johnstown (Pa.); Kitchen Savers Company; McKees Rocks (Pa.); Morgantown (W.Va.)
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
Kitchen Savers Company
Hill District; McKees Rocks
Occupation (father)
Length (hours)
Adelson, Ruth
Leyton, Hope
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