Reizenstein, Louis
Interview Date
July 24, 1974
Louis Reizenstein, the president of Falk and Company and executive vice president of the former Western Pennsylvania National Bank, has been active in several organizations in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh;
[T1S1] family origins in Frankfurt, Germany; grandparents' settlement in Franklin, PA; parents' marriage in Dayton, OH, settlement in Pittsburgh, PA; father, international authority on glass and ceramics; father's glass business; father originator of glass tumblers in America; his siblings' professions; his education at the University of Pittsburgh; his patents; his service as president of Falk and Company; his service in the Army for six months; discussion of Falk and Company; marriage to Florence Silberstein; his wife's involvement with the civil rights movement; courtship; his community activities; adoption of a son; his grandchild; his religious affiliation; discipline in the home; his hobbies; residences in Pittsburgh;
[T1S2] his community involvement, including president of the Irene Kaufmann Settlement, United Jewish Federation, Montefiore Hospital and American Chemical Society; views about the Jewish community today; religious education; recreational activities as a youth; courtship of his wife; effect of the depression; a founding member of the "New Club of Pittsburgh" which later became a fraternity, Hai Rash; naming of Reizenstein Middle School for his wife, Florence Reizenstein; his wife's community organizations; their travels; views about the Jewish community in Pittsburgh;
[T2S3] discussion of other family members and their lives; his early education; his service as executive vice president of Western Pennsylvania National Bank and on the board of Education; discussion of the Black and White Club and the New Club of Pittsburgh; discussion of and opinions about prominent people in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; Louis Reizenstein, founder of the Human Relations Commission of Pittsburgh; the merger of the Irene Kaufmann Center and the Young Men's and Women's Hebrew Association.
Business; Industries; Social service; Economic Depression; Public schools; Reizenstein Middle School (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Falk and Company; Western Pennsylvania National Bank
Occupation (father)
Glass, china & ceramics expert
Length (hours)
Kalson, Jeanette
Zetler, Adrienne
Collateral Materials
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