Reichbaum, Abraham
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[T1S1] Indicates the subjects studied at cheder. Discipline of, and children's attitude toward, melamed are related. Respondent recounts introduction to cheder given to children and explains difficulties of the later cheder studies. Industrialization of town's textile industry is mentioned. Bialystok's synagogue role as a showplace for cantors is recounted; synagogue's environs are described. Arrangements for leadership upon the death of Zionist rabbi are indicated. Assimilated Jews in Bialystok and their synagogue are characterized; Hasidim's presence and services are related. Zionist organization's facilities are mentioned, as is labor movement's existence. Restrictions on Jewish theater and Jews' attempts to evade them are indicated. Respondent indicates requirements for Jews to attend government schools and mentions private gymnasiums. Origins of Yiddish literature are discussed. Respondent mentions circus and movies in Bialystok. Family members' emigration is reported; French influence on Bialystok Yiddish is noted. Paperwork at American consul is mentioned; Respondent's route to U.S. is indicated. Respondent relates first impressions of U.S. weather and freedom. Respondent discusses items brought to U.S. and desire for education. Respondent's first movie in Pittsburgh is specified and discusses importance of recreation.
[T1S2] Respondent notes occasions of synagogue attendance. Respondent names doctors in Pittsburgh and notes importance of conversation to social life. Respondent enumerates theaters attended in U.S. and abroad; Respondent comments on later Yiddish productions. Respondent comments on own sociability and enumerates later organizational affiliations. [Blank] Respondent names Pittsburgh friends and notes contact with European relatives. Citizenship and marriage information is provided. Respondent reports accommodation to wife's religiousness and indicates child's secular and Jewish educations. European children's comportment toward parents is indicated.
Bialystok (Poland); Family Life; Jews--Education--Europe; Europe--Social conditions; Europe--Politics and government; Synagogues--Europe
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Russian Poland
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Hill District, Logan St.
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