Raizman, Albert
Interview Date
February 14, 1991
Albert Raizman, a professional accountant, taught accounting at Duquesne University, was president of Rodef Shalom Temple and active in numerous other community organizations; birth year, 1918;
[T1S1] parents' birth in Russia; immigration to the United States; birth of a sister; effects of the depression on the family; father's employment with F and B Paper Company in Pittsburgh; recollections of growing up in Pittsburgh; religious education; early employment; anecdotes about his grandmother; discussion of teachers at Hebrew Institute; methods and hazards of travel in his youth; recollections about the Irene Kaufmann Center (IKC); the Jewish community in the Hill District of Pittsburgh; his sister's education and profession; movement of Jews to Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh; discussion of parents' lives into old age; education, University of Pittsburgh; enlistment into the Air Force; his experiences as a navigator for B17's; his reason for release from the Air Force; meeting his wife, Adele Mallinger; his graduation from the University of Pittsburgh in 1939; feelings about WWII; a visit with his wife in Florida during the war; feelings about D-Day; recollections of Detroit, MI, and training in Dayton, OH;
[T1S2] his children, their careers and families; studying accounting at the Finkelhor's Business Training College after WWII; employment in accounting at Duquesne University; discussion of his experiences at Duquesne; opens a private accounting office after his employment at Duquesne; affiliation with Rodef Shalom Temple; his activities at the temple; his involvement with United Jewish Federation, and the School of Advanced Jewish Studies; 1981, becomes president, Rodef Shalom Temple; 1982, is honored by Temple Brotherhood with a lectureship in his honor at Chatham College; national board member, Temple Brotherhood; executive committee member, Hebrew Congregation; discussion of his wife's community activities; travels to Israel; his affiliation with the Reform Zionist Organization; opinions about the Middle East situation at the time of interview; his accomplishments; views about the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; recollections of trips to Auschwitz and Cracow;
[T2S3] more discussion of life in the Hill District, the Irene Kaufmann Center; discussion of the Hebrew Institute; recollections of his grandparents; his family life; views about child raising and how it has changed; recollections of his youth; attending the University of Pittsburgh, 1934-39; the early years of his marriage; his reasons for enlisting in the Air Force; more discussion of his teaching at Duquesne University; some history of the growth and expansion of Duquesne;
[T2S4] his interest in sports; discussion of Jewish community's shift to the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh; how his experience in the War influenced his life; discussion of various rabbis at the temple; people who influenced his life; views about younger people in organizations; ideas for encouraging young peoples participation in community organizations; his personal philosophy.
Accountants; Accounting; Duquesne University; Education; Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Synagogues; Rodef Shalom Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); World War, 1939-1945
Birth Date
Duquesne University; Rodef Shalom Temple
Occupation (father)
Tailor; F&B Paper Company
Length (hours)
Lurie, Mari
Stolzer, Shirley
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