Posner, Ida
Interview Date
February 5, 1985
Ida Posner and her husband, Rabbi Sholom Posner, opened the Yeshiva school in Pittsburgh;
[T1S1] birth in Russia; number of siblings; early life in Russia; brother becomes a Zionist, ends up in the United States; her siblings early lives; moves to Odessa to stay with sister in 1918; experiences in Odessa; returns to parents' home; recollections of pogroms, riots against Jews;
[T1S2] father's death in 1921 by drowning; struggles to get papers to go to Israel; obtaining the blessing to leave; marriage and life in Israel for one year; her work as a "pioneer woman";
[T2S3] her brother-in-law who was head of Lubavitch Yeshiva; discussion of the revolution in Russia; the fate of some of her family members in the revolution; more discussion of pioneering; their household; Rabbi Posner takes over ritual slaughter in Rishon; feelings about accepting charity; moves to United States for her son's religious education; residence in New York, NY; husband's employment as a teacher at a synagogue school in Elizabeth, NJ;
[T2S4] they open a poultry business; sons' education; their personal beliefs about education; birth of daughter; moves from Elizabeth, NJ to Chicago, IL; residence in Chicago for five years; moves to Pittsburgh to open a Yeshiva; emphasized English at the school; beginnings and growth of Yeshiva;
[T3S5] looking back on her life; her six children; grandchildren; her sons that are rabbis; explanation of Lubavitch; her children are members of this Hasidic sect; great-grandchildren; her marriage of sixty years; her health;
[T3S6] importance of God in her life; the after life; regrets.
Israel; Posner, Sholom; Religious life; Russia; Yeshiva Achei Timimim (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
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Yeshiva School
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Rosen, Ellaine
Weiss, Andy
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