Perlow, Benjamin
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Benjamin Perlow, a dentist and husband of Anna Perlow, music instructor at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement and brother-in-law of Professor Abe Laufe, a writer and authority on the American theater; birth year, 1901;
[T1S1] parents' emigration from Russia; his siblings; father's employment as a tailor in the United States; his father's efforts to bring his family to the United States; discipline in his parents' home; teachers who influenced his life;
[T1S2] recollections of school days; discussion of his old neighborhood; moves to Pittsburgh to attend the University of Pittsburgh dental school; finds employment at the Irene Kaufmann Center; courtship of Anna Laufe, a music instructor there; family health care; his residence at the center; marriage to Anna Laufe in 1926; opens his own dental practice;
[T2S3] his wife's residence in a nursing home; recollections of his courtship and marriage; early marriage; Anna's education; her family background; his dental practice; his wife's music school;
[T2S4] discussion of Patty Prattis, his wife's student who became pianist for the Pittsburgh Symphony; her relationship with Leonard Bernstein; discussion of the Irene Kaufmann Center Music School; his wife's honors from the Friends of Music Library;
[T3S5] continues discussion of materials found in a scrapbook; his wife's organizational affiliations; continuation of review of scrapbook;
[T3S6] his contributions to the Pittsburgh Blind Association; his illness with blood poisoning; his wife's physical condition;
[T4S7] Anna's parents' emigration from Lithuania around 1888; her birth and family life in the Hill District of Pittsburgh; her education and musical training; her work as head counselor of Emma Kaufmann Camp for twenty years; her music education degree from the University of Pittsburgh; discussion of Anna's brother, Abe Laufe, and his career as a professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh;
[T4S8] travels with his wife; his wife's activities at Rodef Shalom Temple; Anna and brother Abe's residence in a nursing home; his visits to see them every day; review of Anna's teaching at Irene Kaufmann Center;
[T5S9] traveling home during vacations from the University of Pittsburgh; hitchhiking when he was young; Abe Laufe's books, <i>Anatomy of a Hit - 1900-Present Day,</i> <i>Broadway's Greatest Musicals</i>, and <i>The Wicked Stage-A History of Theatre Censorship in the United States.</i>
Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990; Dentists; Dentistry; Irene Kaufmann Settlement (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Laufe, Abe; Musicians; Music; Perlow, Anna
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Brooklyn, NY
Point Breeze
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Weisberg, Gail
Weis, Edris
Zetler, Adrienne
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