Peris, Fannie & Hyman
Interview Date
Provides biographical details. Father's work is indicated. Respondent indicates lack of school and distance to synagogue in Europe. Jews' suspicion of Catholics in Lithuania is related. Respondent indicates family's possessions and dealings in nearby city. Arson that destroyed family's mill and house is recounted. Motivation for, and financing of, family's passage to U.S. is explained. Respondent describes charity provided by Catholic peasants, Jewish townspeople and landlord after fire. Respondent's route to, and first impressions of, U.S. are indicated. First residence and neighborhood in Pittsburgh are indicated. Millinery work with sisters on Saturday is mentioned. Respondent's school in Pittsburgh is noted; cultural pursuits are enumerated. Respondent notes religious observance and medical care in Pittsburgh. Respondent reports social activities and mother's charities. Citizenship and marriage information is provided. Hyman: Notes first Pittsburgh residence. Respondent describes mistreatment by aunt and first accommodations in Pittsburgh. Family's Pittsburgh living arrangements are mentioned; father's jobs are enumerated. Homes and neighborhoods are described. Respondent discusses work as youth as assistant to father and in drygoods store. Respondent mentions schools attended and extensively enumerates jobs. Respondent indicates work for city and county and coursework required for real estate job. Respondent's charter membership as cheder student of Talmud Torah is indicated. Cultural pursuits are enumerated. Respondent notes religiosity of Jews of early days. shaare Torah's building and congregation are described. Respondent indicates clinics in Pittsburgh and own organizational affiliations. Respondent enumerates charities and recreational activities. Respondent explains difference between Kingsley House and Irene Kaumann Settlement. Respondent discusses political affiliation and assistance received inobtaining government job. Marriage information is provided. Child's secular and Jewish education is noted. Respondent notes differences between own and child's upbringing.
Irene Kaufmann Settlement (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Judaism--Relations--Europe--Catholicism; Quality of life; Sabbath Observance; Synagogues; Shaare Torah Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Birth Date
Lithuania; Lithuania
Emigration Date
Millinery worker, Housewife; Real estate, Civil servant
Gosten and Pearlman?, Fifth Ave.; Washington Trust Co.; City of Pittsburgh; County of Allegheny
Hill District, Wylie Ave.; Hill District, Logan St., Clark St., Scott St.
Occupation (father)
Miller; Scrap/iron work, Produce peddler
Length (hours)
Collateral Materials
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