Moskov, Etta Roscow
Interview Date
February 24, 1969
[T1S1] Mentions personal hygiene in Europe and provides biographical details. Father's work is noted; obstacles to Respondent's education are indicated. Synagogue donated by wealthy family is mentioned. Respondent characterizes relations with gentiles. Family's rental of farmland is indicated, as is village women's contact with Russian soldiers. Circumstances of Respondent's emigration are explained. Respondent recounts misfortunes that stranded uncle in Europe, and his later immigrations to Egypt and to U.S. Respondent's route and companions to U.S. are indicated. Treatment during layover and on ship is described. Travel company's offer of assistance on arrival is noted; Respondent relates discarding European jewelry. Assistance of German sailors on arrival in Baltimore is reported. Respondent relates good treatment by relatives and friends in U.S. Respondent notes work and rent payment. Respondent characterizes neighboring families and neighborhood at the time. Respondent details wages, hours and dues as union pantsmaker. Union benefits are enumerated. Night school attendance is indicated; cultural pursuits are extensively enumerated. Respondent mentions changes with Workmen's Circle insurance. Respondent's religious observances in U.S. are discussed. Medical care is mentioned.
[T1S2] Respondent notes relatives' scrutiny of Respondent's social activities. Citizenship information is provided. Respondent mentions first suitor and approximates cost of family's tickets. Family's accommodations and rent are reported; brothers' work and wages in U.S. are mentioned. Marriage information is provided. Child's secular and Jewish education is noted. Changes of residence and husband's job are indicated. Information on second marriage is provided; work and relations with stepchildren are mentioned. Brother's advice to Respondent on owning store is reported. Discrimination experienced by son in Pittsburgh is reported; brother's business is identified. Respondent extensively recounts the intrigues of son's engagements. Respondent notes work at Montefiore Hospital.
Antisemitism; Immigrants--Travel--Personal narratives; Judaism--Relations--Europe--Christianity; Labor unions; Workmen's Circle (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Birth Date
Klosterbabrois? (Minsk)
Emigration Date
Pantsmaker, Housewife
Stag Trousers; Montefiore Hospital
Soho, Fifth Ave.; Braddock, Pa.
Occupation (father)
Orchard produce broker
Length (hours)
Sohoff, Hope
Collateral Materials
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