Morganstern, Anita
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Anita Morganstern, an artist and sculptor who served as organizer and member of numerous arts organizations in Pittsburgh; birth year, 1906;
[T1S1] family origins in Spain; discussion of parents' background; names and ages of siblings; description of home life; early affiliation with Rodef Shalom Temple; recollections of early life in Beaver, PA; family's move to Pittsburgh, PA; education, Linden School, Schenley High School; marriage at age twenty-eight; residences during marriage; travels and hobbies; changes in neighborhoods in Pittsburgh; involvement with the Pittsburgh Council of International Visitors; chairman, Experiment in International Living; president, Society of Sculptors, board member, Arts and Crafts Center, officer, Associated Artists, founder, Children's Section, Three Rivers Arts Festival; discussion of Experiment in International Living; volunteer director, County Courthouse Gallery; education, Carnegie Institute of Technology in music and art; religious education; recollections of early education and classmates; studying art in New York; courtship and marriage to Dick Morgenstern;
[T1S2] discussion of her children's lives, educations and families; effects of depression; recollections of WWI, prohibition; discussion of professional career as a sculptor;
[T2S3] discussion of her volunteer work as art consultant for the Day Care and Head Start Programs during the 1960s; founding organizer, Amateur Artists Association and Everyman's Art Show; board member, Arts and Crafts Center; discussion of the Three Rivers Arts Festival Children's Section; Producer, "You, the Artist", on WQED TV during the 1950s; recipient, Outstanding Citizen Award; relationships with colleagues and peers; views about raising children; her children's marriages;
[T2S4] continuation of discussion of daughter's marriage; a listing of her organizational affiliations; comparison of Pittsburgh yesterday and today; the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; views about her accomplishments; discussion of a trip to Japan and India.
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Artists; Arts; Television; WQED (Television station : Pittsburgh, Pa.)
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Associated Artists and Society for Sculptors
Beaver, PA; Squirrel Hill; Shadyside
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Heymann, Bessie
Silverman, Marjorie
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