Milch, Pauline
Interview Date
December 19, 1977
Pauline Milch, an educator in the Hebrew language, has been involved with Hadassah, Jewish National Fund and the Jewish community in Pittsburgh;
[T1S1] parents' immigration to the United States; move to Pittsburgh, PA, to open a bookstore; her birth on Centre Avenue; her family life and siblings; early life in the Hill District; education, Fifth Avenue High School, University of Pittsburgh; student teaching at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement; education, Hebrew Institute; teaching Hebrew;
[T1S2] teaching in Hebrew High School after her first heart attack; early medical care at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement; hobbies; friends; discussion of her courtship; early married life; their children; discussion of her teaching career; her toxemic pregnancy; child's birth; her second pregnancy while living in Baltimore, MD, where her husband worked for IBM; teaching Hebrew at Hebrew Institute, on television for WQED, and Hillel Academy; her heart condition;
[T2S3] discussion of her sons' education; charter members, Young People's Synagogue; family activities; family vacations; visits to New York and the mountains; her trips to Israel; changes in Pittsburgh; former president of Hadassah, Hillel Academy, Student Teachers Union; involvement with Jewish National Fund;
[T2S4] sons' careers; religious observance in her home; views about certain religious practices; changes in Pittsburgh; the Pittsburgh Jewish community; her personal accomplishments;
[T3S5] recollections of her childhood; her father's Jewish bookstore; 1922, her father's election to American Jewish Congress; more of her family history; wishes for the future of Jewish community.
Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America; Hill District (Pittsburgh (Pa.); Jews--Education; Pittsburgh (Pa.)
Pittsburgh, PA
Hebrew Institute
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Cohen, Elinor
Hurwitz, Linda
Zetler, Adrienne
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