Michaels, Lois G.
Interview Date
April 15, 1999
Respondent Health educator, born 9/2/31.
[T1S1] Respondent provides family background, Mother, Ruth Brinn, widowed at early age, remarried Irving Glazer; maternal grandparents, Jacob Samuel and Anna Rose Kalson Brinn. Respondent notes maternal grandparents lived in DuBois, PA. Describes grandfather's scrap iron business, during depression lost everything, moved family to Pittsburgh. Respondent notes mother 1 of 9 children; in Pittsburgh. grandfather peddled china, then built wholesale china and glass business, Brinn China. Respondent describes living with orthodox grandparents until age 9; describes orthodox customs and rituals in their home, happy holiday celebrations and happy childhood; attended Colfax school, Taylor Allderdice high school and PA. College for Women (now Chatham College) to become teacher.
[T1S2] Respondent discusses meeting husband, Milton Michaels, their courtship and marriage, 1952; explains husband in medical school at University of Pittsburgh, then went to Boston for hematology, 1954, reflects on her work in Boston in educational publishing, edited high school text books. Respondent gives names of three children, their careers and grandchildren; mentions presidency of Ladies Hospital Aid Society, notes receiving masters degree in health administration, Graduate School of Public Health, Univeristy of Pittsburgh., 1963.
[T2S3] Respondent describes work at Health and Welfare Planning, 1970-1976: looked at 4 areas of communal life following civil disturbances during 1960s, staffed Health Task Force; report provides results of findings: how people could better take care of themselves, notes people of Allegheny County should be better educated about their health, comments on lack of cooperation within health care community. Respondent discusses R and D project (reappraisal and development), comments on President's committee on Health and Education under President Nixon, describes hearing held in Pittsburgh, defines health educators: people who help people reach their highest potential; explains Blue Cross plans around country; became involved and mentions names of volunteers along with Fred Rogers (now honorary president of Caring Foundation) who participated in project. Respondent discusses involvement with Health Education Center, 1<sup>st</sup> director; comments on work of Milton Porter, asked to become chairman of Health Education Center, funded through United Way and various grants. Respondent discusses work on first Tele Med section in telephone directory; work on community based health education centers: for wellness of older people; Partnership for Prevention, funded by Blue Cross, discusses purpose: to help people living in housing projects; turned lives around, deals with violence, teen age pregnancies and other problems. Respondent discusses establishment of Porter prize through Adrienne and Milton Porter Foundation, Respondent appointed administrator, still holds position. Respondent mentions involvement with other projects; her retirement, loss of her vision, remains active in Partnership for Prevention and Ladies Hospital Aid Society, comments on joining Rodef Shalom Temple, vacations taken with children.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association; National Council of Jewish Women; Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
Health care administration
University of Pittsburgh
Squirrel Hill
Occupation (father)
Length (hours)
Adelson, Ruth
Leyton, Hope
Berger, Betty
Collateral Materials
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