Meyerson, Erma T.
Interview Date
August, 1991
Erma Meyerson a professor of social work and administrator of higher education at the University of Pittsburgh.
[T1S1] Provides biographical details. Compromise between the two elements of Charleroi congregation in Respondent's youth is recounted. Respondent reports attendance of Sunday school and notes family's religious inclinations. Respondent's lack of interaction with orthodox Jews is noted; Respondent comments on the quality of local religious instruction. Respondent identifies the mechanism of social association in Charleroi. Respondent illustrates degree of acceptance by high school sorority and enumerates social activities as youth in Charleroi. Respondent's choice of attending Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University) is explained. Respondent relates the closure of Carnegie Tech's social work department and summarizes the transition of its social work department to the University of Pittsburgh. Respondent notes experience as a Heinz Fellow and first professional jobs. Respondent reports obtaining maternity leave from a teaching position at Carnegie Tech.
[T1S2] Respondent's community and professional associations are enumerated. Respondent compares own and children's upbringing. Respondent's satisfaction with her life and Pittsburgh are reported. Respondent enumerates pleasurable professional experiences and expresses her aversion to post-retirement writing.
[T2S3] Respondent reports her academic pursuits, community service and university positions. Respondent relates responsibilities during career at University of Pittsburgh and as curriculum consultant for the American Association of Schools of Social Work. Respondent notes role in United Way. Respondent's professional interest in Black delinquency is expressed; Respondent's consultant work for a nurses' association is related. Respondent reports work developing doctoral programs in higher education. Respondent mentions pleasure of changing career fields. Respondent's maiden, parents', siblings' and children's names are reported. Respondent notes position with professional journal and work with League of Women Voters. Respondent assesses the difference between professional and volunteer involvement.
[T2S4] Respondent relates contact with Baroness Rothschild for United Jewish Federation. Respondent recounts interview with Prime Minister of Jamaica and a newspaper's misrepresentation of the interview's content. Poverty of Haiti and insensitivity of its government are illustrated.
Charleroi (Pa.); Education; City and town life; Jews--Social life and customs; Social service
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh; University of Pittsburgh
Charleroi, PA;
Length (hours)
Vatz, Virginia
Samuels, Jeanne
Mermelstein, Elinore
Vatz, Virginia
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