Meyer, Irma
Interview Date
March 11, 1987
Irma Meyer, a German immigrant who escaped from the Holocaust in 1940 by way of the Siberian Express; birth year, 1923;
[T1S1] birthplace, Breuna, Germany; parents and sister perish in the Holocaust; her escape from Germany to the United States to stay with an aunt and uncle who immigrated before 1940; persecution felt as only Jewish child in school; father's occupation, storekeeper; German boycott against Jewish stores; ancestors from Spain; 1938, eviction from their house; detailed events of the Kristallnacht; family survives by farming; June, 1942, her last contact with parents; recollections of family life, holidays; discussion of arriving in Seattle, WA, and cross-country trip to New York to relatives; employment as a nursemaid in New York; description of childhood in Germany; courtship and marriage to her husband, Steven Meyer in 1946;
[T1S2] husband's education; early married life in New York; husband's transfer to Chicago and then to Pittsburgh in 1953; birth of two sons; grandchildren; professions and locations of sons; social life in Mt. Lebanon area of Pittsburgh; affiliation with Temple Emanuel for thirty years; part-time employment with a senior citizen agency for ten years; active with South Hills Interfaith Ministries (SHIM); discussion of SHIM; Jewish life in Mt. Lebanon; experiences with discrimination in 1956; social contacts; vacations; a trip to Israel; advantages of children today; relationship with her children; personal accomplishments and successes; changes in Pittsburgh;
[T2S3] experiences leading to escape from Germany; description of relatives in New York; story of her trip from Germany to the United States by way of Russia and Japan;
[T2S4] recollections of learning English; father's condition after a one-month stay in Buchenwald; German Jewish attitudes; life in Germany with her family; opinions about Holocaust; more discussion of SHIM; her involvement with senior citizens program in the South Hills; state of health; current politics.
Germany; Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945); Kristallnacht, 1938
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Nurses Aide
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Silberman, Marjorie
Stern, Mark
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