Menlowe, Mildred
Interview Date
December 1, 1976
Mildred Menlowe, an honoree of the Israel Bond Program and of the Western Pennsylvania Region of Hadassah Hospital for her work with both organizations; grandparents from Austria-Hungary;
[T1S1] family history; early life in Scranton, PA; recollection of paternal grandfather's store, different ethnic groups in Scranton; story of rivalry among merchants in their neighborhood; account of grandmother's trip to Palestine; number and names of siblings; maternal grandparents; parents' marriage in Scranton; father's wholesale business; mother's early life in New York; father, founder of Young Men's Hebrew Association (YMHA) in Scranton; discipline in family; activities at the YMHA;
[T1S2] mother's community work; education, Colfax Elementary in Scranton, Central High School, Morewood College, and Powell School of Business in New York; employment with McFadden Publications and in exporting business; religious education at the YMHA and Hebrew lessons at home; recreational activities;
[T2S3] marriage in 1939 to Morris Patterson, medical director of McKeesport Hospital, McKeesport, PA; her husband's son by a previous marriage; his education and career; husband's death in 1958; married life in McKeesport; the Jewish community there; her involvement with Hadassah, Sisterhood of B'nai Israel, Women's Hospital Auxiliary, League of Women Voters in McKeesport; changes in McKeesport; president, Western Region of Hadassah; names of other leaders in organization; recollections of charity work as a child; built interest in Israel Bonds in McKeesport; discussion about Hadassah in Israel;
[T2S4] awards from Israel Bonds and Western Pennsylvania Region of Hadassah; changes in Jewish community; changes in Pittsburgh; location of offices for Israel Bonds; siblings names and careers; grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America; Bonds--Israel; Scranton (Pa.)
Scranton, PA
McKeesport, PA
Occupation (father)
General Storekeeper
Length (hours)
Kruman, Estelle
Berkman, Selma
Zetler, Adrienne
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