Markovic, Malvina
Interview Date
August 18, 1999
Respondent Holocaust survivor, born, 1924.
[T1S1] Respondent gives place of birth: Czechoslovakia; recalls events of 1943: Germans arrived after Passover, took family to Munkach, thought it was brick factory; describes conditions: no toilet, no food, only what family brought from home, slept on floor. Respondent recounts move after one week: loaded on to trains (like cattle cars), taken to Auschwitz concentration camp, same conditions as Munkach; describes incident: holding sister's baby and sister holding her other baby; Polish guard took both babies, never seen again; explains sisters went one way, parents went a different way. Respondent discusses her work in Auschwitz: very hard; believes food contaminated; describes becoming ill with severe rash: put into infirmary for many days; notes in October talk of Russians coming closer, Respondent moved to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp; afterwards, moved again to Aschensleiben, Germany; details work done there: fixing airplane parts; explains kindness of German soldier: helped her get through bout with diarrhea while on train; recalls incident in Auschwitz: asked to take dead bodies to crematorium, unable to do it; managed to be out of sight when bodies were removed. Respondent depicts trains filled with people arriving daily, some trains filled with children; comments on liberation: May, 1944; describes traveling from village to village with sister and 150 others, nowhere to go; recounts asking stranger for place to stay, not safe because of Ukrainians; found work sewing. Respondent describes traveling to find shelter at nearby brook: Russians arrived, tried to rape girls, fled again; looked for Americans to help them get through to border; recounts search for brother in Czech army. Respondent explains after war, Americans put Respondent and sister on train to Prague; helpfulness of Jewish organizations in finding brother; begins search for more brothers, notes 9 children in family; depicts travel to Budapest: found one brother and met cousin who became Respondent's husband.
[T1S2] Respondent notes short stay in Budapest; returned to home: found nothing left; describes travel to Kosece, then back to Prague: remained for 2 months; went to Teplece Sanov, Czechoslovakia; stayed 1 year together with husband; saw no future and Communists were arriving; husband did not want to become Communist, moved to Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, with husband and 1 child born in Prague; describes attempt to cross border into Vienna, Austria; difficult to get passport to come to America. Respondent gives date of marriage in Teplece Sanov: 5/1/46, notes son born 2 years after marriage: 1948; arrived in Austria, Jan 1, 1951; describes crossing border and difficulties in getting papers to come to America; settled in McKeesport, PA: stayed with uncle; describes husband finding work with Mr. Coslov (Tube City Iron and Metal): worked as laborer, 25 years. Respondent mentions work as caterer: 20 years, Gemilas Chesed Synagogue: McKeesport, PA; mentions offer to work in Mikvah (ritual bath) in Pittsburgh, accepted position 10/87; gives name of husband: Beni Markovic, met 6/45, married 5/1/46; gives names of sons: David, born, 1948, Saul, born, 1953; notes Saul owner of Murray Avenue Kosher in Squirrel Hill. Respondent gives name of brother: 20 years older: killed in Russia; gives names of parents: Shana and David Katz: perished in Auschwitz, notes 1 brother killed by Germans at age 10; gives names of 3 sisters: all perished in Auschwitz along with spouses and children, notes 1 sister and 2 brothers survived, now deceased; comments on grandsons.
[T2S3] Respondent describes early childhood in Loza, Hungary: small village, father's egg business: hard work; explains move to live with sister in Kosece; school attendance; provides additional information on family; describes husband's life in concentration camps: Dachau, Auschwitz; explains how he survived; describes family as religious, both sons married to religious women; reflects on good luck in getting out alive from concentration camps; committed to religion.
[T2S4] No abstract for this side.
Auschwitz (Concentration camp); Bergen-Belsen (Concentration camp); Czechoslovakia; Holocaust survivors; Mikveh
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Caterer, Mikvah
McKeesport, PA
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Dickman, Gene
Richman, Hy
Berger, Betty
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