Margolis, Harry M.
Interview Date
April 24, 1991
Dr. Harry Margolis, a pioneer in the field of rheumatology and author of <i>Arthritis and Allied Disorders</i>;
[T1S1] family origins and early life in Russia; family grain and wine business in Russia; education in Jewish school and the gymnasium; family's move to Pittsburgh, PA; settling in the Hill District of the city; early employment in a department store; medical education and internship at Mayo Clinic in the area of rheumatism; discussion of his term at Mayo Clinic; courtship and marriage in Chicago;
[T1S2] early married life; discussion of his two sons lives and careers; helping his family members immigrate to the United States; effect of depression years on his medical practice; establishes a clinic; his experimentation with the use of gold in treatment of arthritis; develops first rheumatology department at the University of Pittsburgh; contributions of Dr. Philip Hench and bio-chemist Kendall to the field of rheumatology; his relationship with Dr. Hench of Mayo Clinic;
[T2S3] recollections of early life in Russia; names of family members; family history; more discussion of early education in Russia; his Bar Mitzvah; parents' attitudes toward religion; his aunt's role in his life; recollections of arrival at Ellis Island; recollections of learning English, immigrant schooling;
[T2S4] continuation of how his family settled in Pittsburgh; comments on the quota system for Jewish students entering medical school; his personal attitude toward the quota system; first Jewish Fellow accepted at Mayo Clinic in Internal Medicine; story of how he met his wife; more discussion of sons' lives; bringing the grandparents from Russia;
[T3S5] discussion of how he set up his private practice in Pittsburgh; his initial connection with Montefiore Hospital; founder of a rheumatology department at St. Margaret's Hospital; his introduction of gold treatment for arthritis into Pittsburgh; his role in the Jewish community in the city; author of a book, <i>Arthritis and Allied Disorders</i>; his personal views about pre-paid medical care; final comments on his life experience; his personal heroes.
Hospitals; Clinics; Mayo Clinic; Medicine--Research; Arthritis--Research; Physicians; Medicine; Russia
University of Pittsburgh
Hill District
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Lurie, Mari
Stolzer, Shirley
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