Maazel, Marion (Marie)
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Marion Maazel, the mother of conductor, Loren Maazel, she headed the Children's Program for the Pittsburgh Symphony and assisted in reactivating the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony in 1954;
[T1S1] birth in New York, NY; family moves to Los Angeles, CA; parents from Russia; education in music and pharmaceuticals at the University of California at Los Angeles; first marriage and divorce; employment as a lab technician; early family life; interest in music and poetry; second marriage to Lincoln Maazel, a professional singer; birth of son, Loren; moves to Paris for four years for husband's vocal study; return to Los Angeles for husband's career; opens a drug store upon return from Paris; Loren's musical studies and early conducting lessons; family moves to Pittsburgh for Loren's studies; his early conducting career; she becomes a volunteer for the Pittsburgh Symphony; working with Mrs. Benedum on the children's program for the symphony; discipline at home; travels to the International Festival of Youth Orchestras in 1972; her involvement with the reactivation of the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony (PYS) in 1954; growth of PYS; her work with PYS for twenty years; recollections of her own musical training as a child;
[T1S2] further recollections of early life in Los Angeles; her siblings' lives; changes in family life; her first marriage; her relationship with her son; family vacations; effects of the depression; further discussion of her relationship with son Loren and his career as a conductor; her grandchildren; husband's father's career as an opera singer; husband's acting with Pittsburgh Playhouse
Maazel, Lorin, 1930-; Musicians; Music; Pittsburgh Youth Symphony
New York, NY
Musician, Pharmaceutical Chemist
Pittsburgh Youth Symphony; Pittsburgh Symphony
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Roth, Fay
Zetler, Adrienne
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