Maazel, Lincoln
Interview Date
November 11, 1994
Respondent Musician and vocalist, born 1902.
[T1S1] Respondent father of Loren Maazel; talks about parents' emmigration from Russia. Respondent describes musical family background; father violinist, concertmaster for Czar, first violinist with Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; brother, Marvin Maazel, concert pianist who traveled extensively throughout Europe and United States; mother sang as well. Respondent discusses own musical development; tells story about singing at Schubert Theater at age 16. Respondent recalls father's relationship with Metropolitan Opera conductor Arturo Toscanini. Respondent details views on music critics, criticism. Respondent talks about family's move to California; mentions studies in pharmacy school; explains how he became hospital equipment salesman. Respondent mentions courtship, marriage to wife Marion. Respondent reminisces about life, vocal education in Europe; explains how singers perfect tone, gives vocal examples. Respondent recall's son Loren's birth in Paris, March 6, 1930; talks about Loren's early musical gift.
[T1S2] Respondent mentions move from Europe to Los Angeles in 1933. Respondent talks about Loren's first love, violin; describes Loren's musical education as violinist and in orchestration and conducting. Respondent talks about conductor Vladimir Bakaleinikoff agreeing to become Loren's teacher after long search for mentor. Respondent talks about moving to Pittsburgh. to continue Loren's lessons with Vladimir Bakaleinikoff after Bakaleinkoff became Associate Conductor of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and work with Tiny Tots. Respondent describes Loren's education, budding conducting career. Respondent discusses religious background, beliefs.
[T2S3] Respondent details challenges raising child prodigy. Respondent outlines Loren's musical accomplishments during childhood which included Loren conducting first concert at age 8; talks about balancing Loren's education with conducting career; details Loren's early career in Fine Arts String Quartet, violinist in Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at age 16; recalls Loren's various performances including concert conducted at age 12. Respondent mentions Loren's graduation from Peabody High School, continued studies at University of Pittsburgh. Respondent talks about his grandchildren; why they are being discouraged from having musical careers.
Bakaleinikoff, Vladimir, 1885-1953; Maazel, Lorin, 1930-; Maazel, Marion; Musicians; Music; Pittsburgh Symphony Society; Reiner, Fritz, 1888-1963; Russia; Toscanini, Arturo, 1867-1957
Birth Date
New York, NY
Musician (vocalist)
Occupation (father)
Musician (Violinist)
Length (hours)
Harrison, Mary
Dinman, Gabrielle
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