Lowenthal, Alex
Interview Date
January 22, 1978; May 22, 1988
Alex Lowenthal, a lawyer and philanthropist whose main interest has been in the establishment of the state of Israel and improving the way of life after Israel was established; birth year, 1898;
[T1S1] parents' emigration from Lithuania to the United States; father's involvement in the establishment of the first Jewish colony in Israel at Bilu in 1898; number of siblings in family; early education in Cincinnati, OH; recollections of college years at Yale; friendship with Charles Rosenbloom; other classmates at Yale;
[T1S2] joins Lovers of Zion, founded by Charles Rosenbloom's father; becomes law partners with Rosenbloom; discussion of the Balfour Declaration; involvement with Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Brandeis; founder of Israel Museum; national chairman, Israel Bonds; marriage to a University of Pittsburgh professor in 1935;
[T2S3] wife's views on government; discussion of Leon Keyserling's effect on Eleanor Roosevelt; a founder of Americans for Democratic Action; friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt; discussion of photographs with Henry Morganthau, Eleanor Roosevelt and David Ben Gurion; anecdotes about Mrs. Roosevelt;
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[T3S5] death of Mrs. Lowenthal; comments about his wife; discussion of politics surrounding Roosevelt, his policies towards Jews; personal philosophy; discussion of how Balfour Declaration was incorporated in treaties, Jewish state; Czar Alexander II and Palestine; restriction of immigration to the United States during Hitler's time; discussion of early knowledge of the Holocaust; story of a Holocaust survivor, Shalota Salemin;
[T3S6] discussion of the Wannsee Conference; the Nuremberg trials; daughter's work with the Simon Wiesenthal Center; early struggle of his parents; famous contemporaries at Yale; stories about Thornton Wilder and William Howard Taft; first national treasurer, Americans for Democratic Action;
[T4S7] continuation of discussion of years at Yale; discussion of changes in Jewish philanthropy; contributions of his family to Israel; art contributions of his family to museums in the United States and abroad; head of group that wanted to improve life in Israel after it became a state; personal regrets, disappointments, and fears regarding Israel;
[T4S8] history of the Bilu colony; father's role in that settlement; Herzl and Weizman's role in establishing Jewish state; more family history; 1988, family reunion of mother's immigration to United States in 1889; children's education and careers; more discussion of classmates and years at Yale University; begins art collection in 1922;
[T5S9] donations of paintings to Israel Museum; friendship with art collectors and artists; reasons for early retirement at age fifty; further discussion of the Roosevelt administration; 1938, chairman of United Jewish Federation; first national chairman of sales, Israel Bonds; board member of every Jewish organization in Pittsburgh;
[T5S10] evolution of Jewish causes in this country; provider of funds for studies at Harvard, Yale, Stanford; his financial support of Judaic studies; a list of boards he has chaired and organizations he supports.
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Artists; Arts; Balfour Declaration; Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945); Israel; Lowenthal, Anne; Philanthropists; Charities; Politics; Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962; Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930; Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975
Birth Date
Cincinnati, OH
Real estate developer; Attorney
Bayard Development Corp.; Dithridge Development Corp.; Development Corp. of Pittsburgh
Length (hours)
Rubenstein, Judy
Joseph, Florence
Berkman, Selma
Kruman, Estelle
Joseph, Florence
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