Light, Elaine Kahn
Interview Date
June 9, 1992
Elaine Light, author of a series of cookbooks using Punxsutawney's "groundhog" as a theme; born, 1922.
[T1S1] Respondent reports family's move to Pittsburgh. Respondent's education, work for the Associated Press, marriage and residences are outlined. Respondent reports relatives in the U.S. Respondent's luck and satisfaction with life and career are expressed. Impetus for Respondent's visit to Punxsutawney is mentioned; Respondent relates circumstances of meeting future husband and their engagement. Respondent's adjustment to small town life is noted; local doctor is characterized. Births, education and residences of Respondent's daughters are reported. Causes of Punxsutawney's decline are cited.
[T1S2] Respondent reports civic activities. Role of female reporters in 1940s is summarized and contrasted with Respondent's experience. Stories covered as sports reporter are related; opposition by male writers is indicated. Stimulus for the groundhog cookbooks is indicated; arrangements for its distribution, illustration and advertisement are noted. Respondent discusses assembling, editing and promoting the first two cookbooks. Difficulties in editing cookbook series are illustrated. Respondent explains changes of residences after death of husband. Respondent reports costs of recreation as youth in Pittsburgh. Husband's relationship with daughters is illustrated.
[T2S3] Respondent expresses contentment with husband. Opportunities with <i>Pitt News</i> during WWII are related. Discrimination against women and Blacks within the university in the 1940s is mentioned. Respondent's decision to be sports editor of <i>Pitt News</i> is explained. Husband's interest in outdoors is noted; size of Punxsutawney's Jewish community is reported. Respondent reads tribute to Punxsutawney resident Abe Pete. Husband's and daughters' religious trainings are noted. Locations of Associated Press offices in Pittsburgh are reported. Hours of work at AP are noted; AP rules regarding women are illustrated. Parent's names are reported. Respondent illustrates father's attachment to the American Legion. Respondent mentions impression of president Truman.
[T2S4] Respondent notes news stories covered for Associated Press. Brother's education and career are outlined. Respondent reports daughters' affection for Punxsutawney. Sources of cookbook photographs are discussed. Respondent's payment and work for <i>Punxsutawney Spirit</i> is indicated. Respondent reiterates impetus and promotion of the groundhog cookbooks. Contributions of the various presidents of the Groundhog Club, including Respondent's husband's, to the news story are indicated. Respondent's considerations and endeavors to build a Punxsutawney zoo are indicated. Habits of groundhogs are discussed. Husband's interest in hunting dogs is related.
[T3S5] Efforts to establish culinary school in Punxsutawney are chronicled, as are ventures to attract industry to Punxsutawney. Quality of husband's breed of hunting dogs is illustrated; cause of husband's interest is specified. Interests of husband, Respondent and daughters are reported. Circumstances of private visit with Pope John XXIII are extensively recounted. Business in Punxsutawney of Raymond Dereume is discussed.
[T3S6] Respondent reports activities in Punxsutawney; events stimulated by the motion picture involving the groundhog are reported. Respondent's future travel plans are extensively discussed. Respondent comments upon current Pittsburgh newspaper strike.
Associated Press; Food; Cookery; Journalists; Journalism; John XXIII, Pope, 1881-1963; Punxsutawney (Pa.).; City and town life; Jews--Social life and customs
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
Punxsutawny, PA;
Occupation (father)
Clothing business
Length (hours)
Wein, Roz
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