Levinson, Julian P.
Interview Date
July 7, 1994
Respondent Physician, born 10/17/12.
[T1S1] Respondent gives backgrounds of parents: father (Poland), mother (Lithuania); father's siblings and his occupation: general merchant, California, PA, and Brownsville, PA. Parents married in America: provides information on how they met. Grandparents lived with Respondent's parents; Respondent learned Yiddish. Respondent celebrated Bar Mitzvah, Brownsville Synagogue: 1925; continued religious education in Cheder (religious school), describes religious observances. Respondent comments on early education in California, PA, then Brownsville, PA. Mother driving force in Respondent's education. Discusses attendance at Washington University Medical School: St. Louis, MO: difficult for Jewish students to enter medical school; graduation from University of Pittsburgh., 1933; describes teaching school.
[T1S2] Blank.
[T2S3]Explains parents support in medical school: tuition $400 per year. Respondent describes reason for choosing cardiology; gives information on internships and residencies and additional training at Mayo Clinic. <br / >[T3S4] Respondent describes religious services at Mayo Clinic for Holidays: very little interest by Jewish students; comments on anti-Semitism there. Respondent discusses return to Pittsburgh.; and father's heart condition: lack of knowledge at that time. Respondent depicts opening office in Jenkins (Arcade) Bldg., 1945: difficulty getting patients. Respondent comments on joining staff at Presbyterian Hospital and consulting staff at Magee Hospital.
[T3S5] Respondent notes early graduation (age 15) from high school: how it occurred. Respondent details hardships of depression: adverse effects on Jewish merchants; reflects on Jewish life in Brownsville, PA: Synagogue, number of Jewish families, religious observance. Explains rejection from military service. Respondent discusses meeting Harriet Dorfan, their marriage, birth of 1 son: autistic. Respondent gives description of various departments served at Mayo Clinic; also details his research there and results obtained.
[T3S6] Respondent details move to Oakland: 3500 5<sup>th</sup> Ave., notes another physicians building: Jews not welcome. Respondent interested in performing several new procedures in 3 hospitals: catherization, coronary by-pass and nuclear studies: requests refused.
[T4S7] Comments on various residences. Details selling 1<sup>st</sup> practice; move to CA to find facility for son; offered position there, did not accept, returned to Pittsburgh. Respondent describes treating patients at home for heart attacks; 1940s-1950s: carried portable cardiograph equipment; describes several cases; articles published. Respondent reflects on offer made by chief of cardiology at Mayo Clinic, refused it. Respondent details consultations with psychologists and physicians to find school for son: referred to Charlotte, N.C.
[T4S8] Respondent comments on raising funds for Rodef Shalom Temple and presidency of League for Emotionally Disturbed Children. Respondent gives extensive details on Rabbi Dr. Joseph Shapiro and beginnings of school for children with special needs at Poale Zedeck Synagogue; comments on Technoma and Craig House combination: exists on Negley and Stanton Aves. Respondent notes Technoma started for children up to 12 years; son over 12, not eligible; when schools combined, age limit higher: son able to attend. Respondent retired, planning move to FL.; discusses position there as volunteer physician in Senior Citizen Center, Sarasota; explains gradual retirement from practice. Respondent relates how he and wife found place for son in Charlottesville, VA: large cooperative farm, Innisfree: not an institution, son resides there. Repeats praise for Rabbi Dr. Joseph Shapiro.
Autism; Brownsville (Fayette County, Pa.); California (Pa.); Craig House-Technoma (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Hospitals; Mayo Clinic; Medical care; Medicine--Research; Cardiology--Research; Physicians; Medicine; Cardiology; Cardiologists; Shapiro, Joseph; City and town life; Jews--Social life and customs
Birth Date
New York, NY
private practice; Magee Hospital
Occupation (father)
Construction/General Merchant
Length (hours)
Schwartz, Marce
Stolzer, Shirley
Berger, Betty
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