Levin, Stanley H.
Interview Date
July 26, 1982
Stanley Levin grew up in the Hill District of Pittsburgh and began his musical career at the age of twelve;
[T1S1] mother's birth in Pittsburgh, PA; father's birth in Russia and immigration to the United States; his father's employment at a cigar factory in the Hill District of Pittsburgh; education, Fifth Avenue High School and Duquesne University; effects of the depression on his family; religious atmosphere in his parents' home; recollections of Pittsburgh during the depression; cultural influences; discipline in his parents' home; studying music as a child; his views about musical influences in Jewish life; recollections of the Hill District; influences of teachers in high school; discipline in school; story of stealing a herring during the depression; his Bar Mitzvah; recreation; playing for the Lando Theater and Kay Kaiser Orchestra;
[T1S2] recollections of the Irene Kaufmann Settlement in the Hill District; starting a jazz band at age twelve; receiving a music scholarship for flute to Duquesne University; teaching in Brockway, PA for three years; his studies with Leonard Bernstein at Tanglewood Institute; begins teaching in Pittsburgh in 1939; setting up a music scholarship at Brockway; becomes director of music for the Pittsburgh school system; Organizer, Youth Symphony Orchestra; teaching music, Rodef Shalom Temple; receiving a principal's certificate and master in administration from the University of Pittsburgh; working at a defense plant during the war years; discussion of his life on the road with Kay Kaiser Orchestra; his work with the All City Orchestra and All City Band; his retirement in 1976; moves to Charlotte, SC to conduct the Charlotte Symphony; his plans for teaching people to appreciate good music; views about his accomplishments in life; story of a former student;
[T2S3] continuation of a former student's story; views about the educational system; the need for support of Jewish music in Pittsburgh; a list of organizational affiliations, including Musicians Club, and Pennsylvania Education Association; Most Outstanding Graduate in Music, Duquesne University, and recipient Pennsylvania Musicians Award; views about Jewish life in Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Symphony; views about lack of national funding for the arts; the musical climate in Pittsburgh.
Economic Depression; Education; Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Musicians; Music
Hill District, Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation (father)
Cigar factory worker
Length (hours)
Guttman, Muriel
Zelenski, Rhoda
Reynolds, Jacqueline
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